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Life Comes First – A piece by Mistress Kiara

So I haven’t updated since My birthday, and there’s a good reason for that. Shortly after, an uncle of Mine who had been like a father to Me passed away. It was sudden and completely unexpected. It caught My boyfriend and I so off guard – I was pretty much non functional for a month. Uncle G was a workaholic. He wanted so badly to leave behind a legacy (not to mention an inheritance!) for his ‘kids’ that he neglected his own life in order to make sure that he did as much work as possible. He put up with bullshit form everyone just to make some money to stow away, and he neglected his personal health (having 3 stress heart attacks and a final one that did him in). Frankly, that’s crap.

financial domination Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

So here’s the deal. I am NOT going to be like Uncle G. I am not going to kowtow to any sub with a buck in his hand and his cock in the other. I am NOT going to fulfill your every fetish. I am going to CONTINUE to be the sexy, Perfect Princess that I always have been. And guess what – if you don’t like it, you can fuck off.

findom Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara Pretty Punk Princess Dreadlock Mistress

In the spirit of saying fuck what everyone else thinks, I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do – I gave Myself dreadlocks. They look fucking adorable, and I’m SO happy with them! I’m even more of a sexy punk bitch Princess than before! And if you don’t like it, you can fuck off…


Here’s the biggest thing you need to understand – I’m a financial domination Princess, which means I don’t NEED your money… I just WANT it… I deserve it… It makes Me HAPPY. And THAT is why you serve Me. you don’t want to serve someone who NEEDS the money to pay the rent. you don’t want to serve someone who NEEDs your tributes to pay Her bills. you want to serve a spoiled bitch pampered Princess like Me. And if our other kinks happen to line up as well, that’s all the more fun to be had for the both of us ;3


Between real time sessions (which I LOVE!), Mistress Phone Sex, Femdom cam sessions, fetish clips that I sell, bratty Princess IM/texting session, and drive-by tributes that I receive, I am rolling in the dough. In fact, I’m going to buy Myeslf a new car this week, just because I can. But all that’s just extra… I am independently wealthy. I don’t need any of it. I just WANT and DESERVE it. So now that you know exactly where you stand in My life (which is NOwhere unless you please Me in some way), let Me lay it on the line for you…

If you don’t like My sexy new dreads, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I do real time sessions, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like My sexy punky style, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I take time out of femdom for My personal life, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I’m not as tiny as some other Mistresses, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I’m an opinionated BITCH, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I don’t get involved with the Domme Drama scene, you can fuck off.

If you don’t like that I charge for My services, you can DEFINITELY FUCK OFF!

Until next time, freaks….

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Greedy Goddesses Wednesday 6/4/14: Miss Sasha Conceited, Princess Laura C, Mindy Madison

First up on this early Wednesday, in case you missed it, Miss Sasha Conceited is building an empire, so keep an eye out for all sorts of new content from Her…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Lately I’ve been spending most of my days working on some new projects. I just signed up at a couple new video sites, so there are even more places to buy my content. What’s great about these sites is that I can sell much more than the just my videos.

The first place I signed up recently is, and although they are just getting up and running, I think they’re going to do great. Not only can I sell clips there, but I can sell documents and pictures there as well. I also have my own fan club there where you can get access to all of my available content for a set monthly price.

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Next, Goddess Laura C has been draining a bunch of submissives dry, check out Her latest swag…

Here are Some recent tributes & gifts
I’m such a lucky spoilt Goddess and I deserve it all and more!

Sissy Claire whoever you are, keep sending those surprise tributes, I like it!!!!! Iv had 3 from you so far plus a one from some ‘patheticboy’ tributes that are surprises are by far the best haha!!!!

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Last, but never least, Princess Mindy Madison knows all you boys can’t resist her stunning feet…


On your knees and lay it down for Princess… you know you cant resist feet THIS pretty!

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Greedy Goddesses Friday 5-16-14 Spoiled Jenny, Cruel Dama, Bratty Nikki

Hey all, first up Spoiled Jenny has a new masturbation assignment for all of you freaks!

I have a new masturbation humiliation assignment for you Jenny jerker boys. Are you excited to start to stroke and pay to my perfect hot body? You will submit to my instruction and exactly as I say.

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Cruel Dama has a little more to share on seriousness and Femdom relationships…

Life takes many turns. What now seems eternal and completely safe, tomorrow is smoke in the air.
I am inevitable every day more skeptical with the stories people tell me. Even with the closest.
I can’t say I’m disappointed, there are things that are seen coming and I am too old to fall into absurd and useless tantrums. Also, I would spoil my makeup and that’s something I‘m not willing :D

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Finally Bratty Nikki posts about all the things she’s been off doing over the last few months…

Hey losers! I’m back to My blog!! You can rejoice now haha. Yes its been a long while and yes you have missed out on a lot. I haven’t missed you nearly as much as you have missed Me though. Clearly haha.

So lets go back to Vegas in January 2014 for the AVN trip! You idiot males must look forward to this all year….so many hot dommes all in one sexy place filming all kinds of hot fetish clips! your dream!! So fun and non-stop socializing, filming, and partying. This year I stayed with Princess Lyne at Aria. Our first night (wednesday) we had the best intentions of taking it easy, I swear! However, that did not happen. We met up with Empress Delfina, Goddess Jessica, Mistress B, her husband and her slave.

bratty nikki vegas avn 2014 124x300 Vegas, Miami, and Beyond

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GG Thursday 5-8-14; Princess Jenny, Cruel Dama, Miss Sasha Conceited

First up Princess Jenny has a brand new femdom Meme for all of you Sissies, plus a little story to go with it…

I have a new femdom caption for you sissy boys to get excited over. I’m getting fantastic feedback about my Niteflirt Goodie bag store.  This week was filled with subs but I took most of the weekend to play with one of my intox slaves. He’s one of my coke slut sissy fairy boys who loves long sessions of cruising for cock and talking about how im going to make him the biggest sissy ever.

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Next, Cruel Dama shares Her views on how to contact a Domme…

Many are determined to have a private conversation on social networks and chats with so little original phrases like “hi baby“, “I want you to humiliate me” or “do you like to dominate?”.

Do they really believe that a fairly serious Domme bothers to answer these paragons of intelligence? Too bad, guys, this is the perfect way to be ignored or blocked ipso facto.

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Lastly Miss Sasha Conceited shares the perceptions of one of Her new submissives…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

The other day I met a potential sub. He was very respectful in his greeting and told me that he liked me because I thank my subs. He asked me if I had a testimonials section of my website. Unfortunately at this time I don’t, however, he expressed the need for me to share his thoughts on me with the rest of you.

“Today was the first time I spoke with Miss Conceited, and it was an experience like no other. Not to insult any other domme — there are so many stunning, powerful women in the femdom scene. (…)”

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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

GG Monday, 5-5-14, Miss Jezebel, Princess Mindy Madison, Goddess Bree

First up Miss Jezebel posted about her experiences at Coachella 2014.  Stories and pictures await!

Alright so let me start off by saying that this year I was much more prepared for Coachella than I was when I went last year in all senses. Last year my RT sessions were conducted in my car camping spot but I didn’t take an ez up. This year between my friends and I who went together, we secured 6 camping spots all right next to each other and even managed to get all our neighbors to attach their ez ups to ours. It was an awesome giant coachella community.



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Next, Princess Mindy Madison has a brand spanking new chastity clip for those of you into blue balls…

Pussy Whipped Into Chastity 2

You WILL end up cock locked in chastity and you 100% will send me your keys, all on your own desire, after you do this guided cock exploding detailed chastity commands…

8 intense and semi artistic chastity pussy panty tease, worship and command photos are inside… so you get to follow my orders and have ZERO chance of resisting… how can you resist cumming to my photos while following hot commands which will have your dick in chastity,your balls TOTALLY drained and even experience a chastity boner while you clean up that cum!

Get pussy whipped into chastity now!!! The chastity follow along assignment which includes cei, joi, tease / worship pics, and chastity lock up guided play, panties/vagina smelling! *Chastity guaranteed! If you follow all the details, I will hold the keys to your drained and horny controlled chastity cock!


 Don’t forget to check out Her blog and buy the clip!

Finally, Keeping Goddess Bree happy results in rewards for all you loyal fans!

Goddess Bree's Perfect Ass

I must say that those of you who are serving Me right now, who are owned by Me or under consideration to serve Me have pleased Me this week.  And that’s what it’s all about minons, isn’t it?  Pleasing Me, serving Me and adoring Me are the 3 main keys to keeping your BBW Goddess happy!

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cruel dama

GG Thursday 5-1-2014: Cruel Dama, Sasha Conceited, Goddess Kyaa and Princess Rene!

First up Cruel Dama explains Her views on the effort She requires from Her slaves…







I expect from my slaves involvement, effort, perseverance and dedication. If I see excuses instead of interest, if it’s necessary inventing a story to justify themselves, is that things fail a lot.
But there are still those who believe that the trick of feign sincerity works.

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Next, Miss Sasha Conceited talks about what fetishes She’s interested in.  It’s not all financial domination boys…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Tonight I was on because I felt like hanging out in a non-session and fun atmosphere chatting with subs in a group format. One boy came into my room and told me that he had been to Destiny’s Chamber, but had never really been interested in me because he thought I was mostly into financial domination. Now, I know Destiny warned me about possibly scaring potential guys away from having sessions with me by advertising that I do financial domination. I haven’t had any issues with getting a fair amount of sessions there, so I didn’t figure that this was actually turning people away.

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Lastly, Goddess Kyaa is one day into her visit with Princess Rene, and is having a fabulous time! 

It’s only my 1st full day in Las Vegas and I have already sunbathed, hot-tubbed, BBQed, went shopping (buying a few new dresses, a necklace & heels totaling ~$300 so send a tribute to cover the cost of my shopping trip!) AND shot multiple kinky clips with Princess Rene, plus a few solo femdom clips you boys will be very excited to see come out for sale ASAP.

Why do you think we look so satisfied?

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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Jezebel

GG Monday 4-28-14, A double dose from Miss Jezebel!

First off, as the title would suggest we’ve got a pair of posts from the incomparable Miss Jezebel, the first on featuring her birthday gift brags…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Jezebel

So as you all know the most important day of the year (April 15th, my birthday) recently passed and I was literally swamped with presents & tributes for my birthday as well as boys paying me back for purchases I had made that were to prepare for my coachella trip. (To make things 10x better, my birthday was the day I got back from Coachella, how cool is THAT?)

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Miss Jezebel also has a new submissive who has shared a detailed vision of his submission and future as a submissive…

A new boy recently contacted me shyly in regards to serving. Through hours of speaking and getting to know this potential sub I learned that he has very limited experience in financial domination but I could see his eagerness to learn under my rule. I gave him a task in which he would have to dive into the depths of what femdom and findom means to him. I also asked him to outline what he needs and wants from a D/s relationship because after all, a subs needs are always important.

“It is difficult to write about how I feel things will change my life and my outlook as I have very little experience to go on. In effective I feel I am at the very start of my journey, I know its going to be a long one with many twists and turns along the way. So though I feel I am something of an open book Mistress, with a real desire to develop myself and enjoy being a submissive again, I’m not sure what really I think being a sub will change. So what I thought I would do is write some thoughts, but mainly write some hopes and aspirations too of what ultimately I would see I would like to get to through FemDom. I know it will take a while to get there, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, for I do not see how you can build up a good Dominant-slave relationship in a short space of time. But hopefully this will give you an idea of what I see at utopia.

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Spoiled Jenny got to play some dress up with on of her favorite submissives…

My favorite sissy to play dress up with is sissy Kelly. He always buys cute new outfits and loves to get dressed up for me and shake his ass for me. Sissy Kelly is also a serious craigslist sissy slut. He’s not picky at all, he just wants to be in his sissy fag drag outfits and take a cock in his mouth and be a good little bitch.
Sissy Kelly was a few days late this year in being my Easter sissy money bunny. His girlfriend of a few years was in the way once again. Here are some screen shots of sissy Kelly all dressed up for me before he got ready to get on Craiglist and get his cum loving lips filled with a big load of hot cum.

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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa sph chastity

GG Wednesday, 4-23-2014

First up, Goddess Kyaa will be in Las Vegas with Princess Rene, so be sure to keep your eyes out for the pics and clips that are sure to be released!

In a little more than a week I’ll be in Las Vegas, staying with Princess Rene for more than a week of fun in the sun!

I’ll spend the first 7 days of my trip with Princess Rene. We have plans to go on some outdoor adventures, so I’m bringing a pair of white sneakers I can get filthy and sweaty while we hike. When I return home some lucky pervert will get to buy them!

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Ms Katie Savage headed to Texas for the first time, luckily one of you boys got her some boots…

I recently traveled to Texas for My first time. Due to My own preconceived notions, I felt I couldn’t have possibly went there without My cowgirl boots. I added them to My wish list, and just in perfect timing, Twitter admirer scooped them up right before his prime membership ran out! what a good little admirer. I was so relieved the boots arrived before We left. It was so much fun hanging out with My GF’s friends and her father. Of course they all said I was soooo cute :D  My Girlfriend took My rodeo virginity.  I was terrified it would be like watching animal torture, but it was fine.  I did clap and cheer when the cowboy wasn’t able to land his lasso and the calf got away.

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Lastly, Goddess Genevieve recently launched a new website featuring Her feet!  Take a look!

How To Admit you’re into feet and how to Worship them correctly.

And seeing as you’ve landed on my website, how to admit you’re really into My feet.


First things first.
Don’t be embarrassed about having a thing for sexy, alluring feet.
Mine are pretty hard to resist.
There are plenty of fetishes out there and there’s no reason to feel like you’re alone.

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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara

GG Sunday 4-20-2014 Mistress Kiara’s Birthday!

For all you submissives not in the know (and shame on you!) today is Mistress Kiara’s Birthday!  Quick!  Go!  Tribute!  Buy something from her wishlist!

That’s right, boys and gurls, it’s My Birthday today! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been off spending your money a LOT lately – trips to Cedar Point and to see friends and family across Michigan and Ohio have been taking up My time, but I’m done celebrating for a while so you will soon have time to surrender to Me properly in phone, cam, IM, or real time sessions once more!

findom Mistress Findom Femdom Princess Kiara

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Cruel Dama is planning some BDSM events in Her area, and has added a section to Her blog to keep everyone informed…







It has been a luxury to rest and disconnect these days, but today I return home. It’s time to bring order and resume my responsibilities.

So much to do I had not yet time to play with the new flogger Ama_Eva gave me (unforgivable leaving it at home!), I need to do some shopping, listen to some explanations, visit my hairdresser… and, of course, start organizing with NeFeR the BDSM event that will be next Friday 25 in the dungeon.

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Finally, Spoiled Jenny has added a little Easter message to Her blog for all you subs and sissies!

Happy Easter sissy money bunnies, cash slaves and subs!!
Hop your sissy pansy ass’s over to me andsend me presents, cash and your love and devotion.
Love, Jenny

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GG Friday, 4-18-2014: Tributes and Tribulations

First up, Goddess Kyaa will only be taking calls on SinfulCall this weekend, pending the return of her Niteflirt listings…


Once you pick your jaw up off the floor and wipe up the puddle of drool, call me.

Today, and for the rest of this week/weekend I’ll be taking calls via SinfulCall only. My NiteFlirt listings are temporarily down, but will be back soon. Until then you can reach me here:

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Princess Mindy Madison has a huuuuuge update detailing all the wonderful ways you boys can pay and have paid to enrich her life…


Hello my wittle pets So much fun and cool stuff happening in Mindy land right now… So, in no particular order, here are some fun and sexy Mindy updates!

Okay, woohoo, I have 2 – 3 weeks planned in BC again this summer… Im not much of a traveler, I really like to play in my own backyard, as in travel Canada… Though, Im getting the itch and Id say Im about 80% ready to get my passport and visit a bunch of my fellow Dommes in the states… However Im so excited because not only do I have an AMAZING lakefront executive suit booked for about a week in the BC Okanagan, I also have Goddess Alexa meeting me there!!! ahhh soo exciting, shes the first American Domme that Im actually meeting, so of course Im super excited for that element as well!

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Goddess Canna took a couple days off for sick and burnout, but now she’s back with a vengeance…



Been away a few days from sickness and some burnout.  Two of my three cats were sick with allergies, must be the new house because this is the first time!  Plus taxes, taxes are never something that the self employed look forward to.  Really it’s just been a busy week.  My boyfriend has an April birthday too, and of course I chose to spoil him over posting new videos for you boys ;)

Seems like everything is distracting me from camming.  Not to mention when I do make it online its full of freeloaders, beggars, one minute men, idiots, time wasters, people that say they will pay and never do…. haha guess my opinion of cam isn’t too high lately!  I’m trying to stay more positive but I do have to put up with so many morons, a Goddess can only take too much male stupidity in a day.  So for any cam fans out there, I am not taking skype sessions at this time.  I’ll let you know when I am though.

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