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Greedy Goddesses Update – We’re Back! 1/25/2015

Hello freaks, and welcome back! There were some personal issues that the Goddesses had to take care of at the end of 2014, but We’re back and ready to continue to bring you the hottest humiliation, femdom, and findom news every day! So  much has happened that if We tried to fill you in on EVERYthing We’d never get a post out, so We’re just going to focus on the recent stuff from a few of your favorites… Without further ado, let’s get started!

Mistress Kiara has a new tattoo, a new FREE clip, and SEVERAL new blackmail slaves lol!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara Tattoos

Mistress Kiara has been busy lately, making and spending money from you freaks! She recently put a $500 tribute toward a sexy new tattoo for you weirdos to drool over. In appreciation for you (yeah right LOL!) She also released a FREE clip! Her latest clip features a blackmail fetish slave sucking off a tranny that he went to see lol! you can watch the streaming clip on Mistress Kiara’s Femdom Blog, which also features more clips of this blackmail loser as well as another stupid freak who bugged Her, or you can download just the clip by clicking here!

Brat Princess Mindy Madison wants to enslave not only you, but your wife too!

These 5 scandalous and super slick ways to get your wife to become my slave will probably not only work very well but get you hooked on being My slave in a whole new way!

Do these, dont just read them… Try to make all 5 of these sexy Princess orders happen! It might take a bit of time to make them all happen but thats okay… half the fun will be the process of making these awesome things happen!

Ideally you and your wife/gf ought to be serving me, on both of your knees, kissing my ass and handing over both of your pay cheques! I bet shes a secret lez anyway, she probably wants to kiss my ass… I bet I could make her my human sex toy if I want… I deserve to have the castle & you two as my house minions, footing the bill and being goo little Mindy slaves!

I order to make this happen we have to start one step at a time and this assignment is one sexy step towards making her be MY slave! Its time to make that wife/gf become my pay and service slave!

Continue reading on Her Blog…

Mistress Morgan Chase had a HOT interview on the In Bed With Doctor Sue show!

The Domme Spotlight is shining on Morgan Chase and she shines right back!  Find out all about this tough, tantalizing lady with the military background who can put you in your place and make you love every minute of it.

Morgan discusses how she fell in to Domination, her military background and an unfortunate problem she’s been dealing with that we can all learn from.  You’ll also find out that she and Jezebel Sinclair plan to take over the 2015 AVNExpo among some other tasty treats that are coming up.

Listen to the show by clicking here!

That’s it for today, but keep your browser pointed here tomorrow for a HOT new clip review form Denied Boy!

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Wednesdays are for Blackmail fetish!?

The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here – Doctor Sue, Domme Kyaa, and Domina Kiara are featured together in this amazing episode of the In Bed With Doctor Sue show, and the topic is a good one – blackmail fetish! Is it stupid, unethical, and unlawful? Or is it a sexy fetish that Dommes and subs can safely enjoy together? you be the judge! Mistresses Kyaa and Kiara share their feelings and thoughts about the blackmail fetish in a very interesting debate while Dr. Sue moderates between them in this amazing podcast. If you’re into blackmail fetish, or even just curious about it, this is a must listen!

Blackmail...Stupid or Sexy?

Blackmail.  The words in this picture probably make you chuckle but for some people, primarily men but also women the thought of getting a note like that turns them on.  In this episode of In Bed I’m going to be talking about BLACKMAIL.  What exactly is it when it pertains to fetish and sex?  What type of mind would get in to something that could possibly ruin their lives?

But what about the ladies and gentlemen behind the threat?  Besides the obvious monetary gain what does the Blackmailer get out of this?   Do the Dommes/Doms who participate in this have some sort of responsibility or ethical guidelines?

So many questions on a subject that can sometimes enrage the folks debating it and that’s just what I’ve brought to you; a debate between two very popular Dommes on the subject of Blackmail.

It was an awesome debate and I KNOW all you guys will love not only hearing about the psychology behind blackmail but also what these gorgeous ladies think of the subject.  (SPOILER ALERT: There were no women scratched or harmed during this debate)

Do yourself a favor and click here to listen to the debate!

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Greedy Goddesses Friday – Findoms, Therapy, and Contests!

First, let’s start off by welcoming Our newest cam verified Dommes – Mistress Genevieve! Be sure to visit Her website and send Her lots of welcome tributes!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

The amazingly intelligent Doctor Sue Storm has lent Her big sexy brain to another helplessly addicted money slave in Her latest article about maintaining a balance in online domination:

Balancing Your Online Life

Rich writes with a dilemma he’s in that faces many men who are playing in the online Domination scene.  Rich writes: (this question is redacted and paraphrased for privacy purposes)

“…Dr. Sue this leads me to my question i have now, i have served my Mistress now for four years, she’s an **** Findom who has complete ownership over me, my finances, and i’m owned with blackmail. I do like serving her and being her property but i have reached a point where it’s effecting my personal life, and not financially, but physically, i can no longer perform sexually with women……..Is there any help for me Dr. Sue, a way back to at least having a healthy relationship and life?”

n a word, YES Rich you can get your life back.  I first want to give you kudos for not whining and saying it’s all the Domme’s fault.  You make it quite clear you went to her for a service and she has supplied that service.  Well done for both parties.

This situation comes in to play not only in the world of D & s but in just watching excessive porn.  Our brains are wired to enjoy routine.  That’s why it’s hard for a heroin addict to kick that habit.  Once the drug is out of the system the person is no longer addicted to the drug and what you’re left with are negative habits that have formed.  It’s the same for smoking, eating, drinking or anything else we become habituated to.  These habits are actually harder to kick than the drug itself but they can be fixed.

Read more about what Doctor Sue prescribes in Her latest article!

Princess Jenny had a hilarious humiliation session with a tiny dicked loser:

Sissy Meme

Yesterday was St. Patricks day but in the world of phone sex it seemed yesterday was Sissy Patricks day.  Sissy Kelly had his pansy Irish ass all done up in green ready to get lucky all day on Craigslist.  Did you get lucky at all this week? OMG I just got off of a Niteflirt call and this loser paid me $100 to look at his micro phallis.  He warned me that some girls have gagged and thrown up when he revealed his deformed cock. I started laughing so hard and told him if that was true that girls actually gagged then he was going to have to pay me to look at it.

Read the rest of the story in Her blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Greedy Goddesses Thursday – Almost Payday, pay pig!

It’s almost payday, freaks, so get those wallets ready and start spending on these Greedy Goddesses!

As you can see, Mistress Kiara and Domme Malvasia have been posting some HOT pictures on Our twitters lately – pedicures and bubble baths! I bet you can’t wait to see what We have in store for you in the near future… ;3

Princess Mandy is making you weak again with some more PTV assignments:

I know all you do is masturbate all day long. I know you jerk off to My pics constantly. I know your cock controls you, and I know how to control your cock! :) I have made a ‘fun’ lil assignment for you to remind you that you’re a loser and will do anything for Me! LMAO I have also added a sexy ASS WORSHIP pic to help keep you hot.
Go play, puppet!

The ever-amazing Doctor Sue Storm is at it again – Her latest podcast is out: It’s about keeping your love alive. It covers such controversial topics as how much communication is necessary in a relationship, maintaining long distance relationships, keeping the passion alive on a busy schedule, and much more! Doctor Sue is one of My favorite Dommes out there, and it has EVERYthing to do with Her big sexy brain and amazing insight into all situations, so I feel this is a must-hear podcast! She’s also giving you a chance to call in and voice your opinion on Her NEXT podcast on the very controversial subject of blackmail fetish!  “What do you think of Blackmail in Fetish? Stupid? Sexy? Does it turn you on or make you angry? ☎ Call in your opinion NOW! 347-759-6131″

The lovely and intelligent Miss Sasha Conceited posted a VERY insightful blog about entitlement in the Financial Domination, Online Domination, femdom, and just the Western World in general:

I’ve talked to a vanilla friend recently about how entitled the western world has become. We feel that everything is owed to us and that we shouldn’t have to work hard for things. Our parents owe us, the governments owe us, everyone owes us. I’m alive, aren’t I? I think this thinking is also HUGE when it comes to financial domination and online domination. Many ladies start in findom expecting everything to be handed to them on a silver platter because they are a Princess, Goddess, have a vagina, etc. Well, I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but slaves don’t owe you shit. They do not need to give you money and gifts just because you are alive.

Findom like other fetishes is a domination game. Getting a sub to submit takes work on the Domme’s part. If you are not willing to put in the work, then you are not going to get tributes. Boys don’t want to give things to ladies who act entitled. I see boys get labeled as a fake or a time waster because he didn’t pay a lady within two minutes of talking to him. I doubt in those two minutes she did anything other than say “fuck you pay me.”

It is important to actually know how to dominate and get under the sub’s skin. That is how they will give you tributes and keep giving tributes. Being pretty, a female, etc is no reason to get tributes. I also feel bad for the subs who get crap for not wanting to tribute every so called dominant female that exists. Boys, don’t feel bad about not wanting to tribute a Domme who demands it. If you don’t want to give her a tribute, you sure as hell don’t have to. There isn’t a rule saying that every male must give every female everything. I’m sure in our new age of female independence, that idea sounds stupid anyway. Just a friendly reminder that slaves do want a connection with their Dommes in some way and will not just pay you because you have tits and a vagina.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara

Greedy Goddesses Thursday

Thursday’s here and Mistress Kiara is busy packing – but not too  busy to update the blog here at Greedy Goddesses! I can’t WAIT to get into My new house, but I’m determined to keep this blog rolling come hell or high water! ;3

This week started out with crack addict playing his silly little retweet game on  Twitter – he paid $20 to each Mistress who retweeted one of his tweets and $50 if they had over 3,000 twitter followers. he fucked himself out of $1,700 total, but all I can think of is why? Why waste the time of all the Mistresses out there, why top-from-the-bottom and make them do what they want and jump through hoops for cash when there are so many piggies out there who are more than willing to pay Us for nothing? I retweeted and got My $50 (well, $35 after Niteflirt took their cut), but I don’t think this one’s for me. Just thought I’d throw him in this update in case any of you Ladies out there enjoy this sorta thing ;3

Brat Mistress Mindy Madison released some totally sexy new findom clips just in time to ruin your wallet this weekend – you won’t want to miss them!

Deep In My Mind Fucking Nylon Web Buy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 308 MB
Length: 7 minutes
taking over your simple horny mind using my nylons… mind fuck dialogue and manicured finger snaps… Watch how I toy with your mind in expensive sun set panties behind my black nylons… Staring deep in your eyes and telling you, YOU ARE FUKED… go deeper, follow me, come with me… Im taking you down, down down! become addicted and mind fucked on my legs, nylons and perfect deceitful manipulation disguised in sheer greedy seduction! fetishes: mind fuck, high heels, manipulation, nylon worship, goddess worship, bewitching eyes, brainwashing, finger snaps, Mind fuck hypn0 effects
Tell Your Wife I Said Thanks! – Arrogant Uppity Homewrcking Buy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 246 MB
Length: 5 minutes
Tell your wife I said thanks… Oh yes, theres LOTS of things to thank her for hehe, like being boring, not hot and lazy and More – because it made it easier for me to slip in there and control YOU! looking all classy and stylish, tempting and sexy with my sparkly glitter black tight short dress and nylons… Im being all enticing and arrogant as I behave like a Pro Homewrecker Brat who doesnt care about the hearts shes breaking… Adore Me as I toy with you, play with you and entrance you by speaking slow and sexy while looking right in your eyes, close up… you cant resist me drool as I show off my nylons and butt while insulting your out of shape wife #Brat!
Dedicated & focused Foot Bitch Slaves ONLY! Buy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 305 MB
Length: 7 minutes
This classy, teasing & all Goddess like foot worship clip is ONLY for obedient real foot boys who put MY feet first… no grimy sloppy wannabe’s! Adore my sexy heels and beautiful feet behind a luxurious pair of black nylons – My long tanned legs and all my curves which are also seen will captivate you… while my bratty Princess voice demands the most from you… Insisting you sit up the straightest you ever have for anyone and lick every fucking speck off my high heels! Demanding, in my sexy Princess voice, that you handle my perfect feet and heels with the up-most care…. THEN Worship and get lost in the smell of my nylon feet and heels as I put them in your face and have you smell, worship and adore them! | www.MistressMindy.Net
I, Mistress Kiara, have been hard at work trying to take a note from Miss B’s book to reform My slacker ways. I’ve released a clip every day this week – that’s 5 hot new clips featuring Me, Princess Mandy, and Domme Malvasia. Can you handle Us?
Serve Our Painfully Sexy Shoes!

Serve Our Painfully Sexy Shoes!

Can you handle these sexy, spikey stilettos on Our sexy, Perfect feet? you will be BEGGING fo Us to pierce your pathetic balls with these spiked heels by the time this clip is done, and you’ll be drooling over Our sexy legs, feet, and shoes while you beg to tribute Us for the privilege!

Buy the clip now!
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Make Cutbacks for your Princesses!

Make Cutbacks for your Princesses!

Princess Mandy and I are offering you a GREAT tool here – We’re listing several ways you can make cutbacks in your life so that you will have more money with which to serve Us! These very simple lifestyle changes will make Us SO happy, and isn’t that what it’s all about, puppet?

 Buy the clip now!
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YOU Fucked up the economy!

YOU Fucked up the economy!

Guess what, freak? Remember that crash in the economy? Well it was YOUR FAULT! But your Mistresses know exactly how you can fix it…

Buy the clip now!
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Counting Tribute from piggy harold

Counting Tribute from piggy harold

Found this clip from a few months ago while editing My newer clips. This is from a fwe months ago when I went to Chicago to visit piggy harold. When I got home, I made this clip of Me counting his tribute – which he kept in a smelly sock LOL! Fuckign werido! So here you go, harold – this one’s for you!

Buy the clip now!
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Poly Princesses - you're Still Not Worthy!

Poly Princesses – you’re Still Not Worthy!

Mistress Malvasia and I are both poly and dating the same man. It’s not you. We both have OTHER boyfriends AND girlfriends… Who ALSO aren’t you. If you want to hear MORE about OUr private life, what We think of you, your dick, and why We aren’t dating you, then this clip is a MUST!

The illustrious Doctor Sue from the Doctor Sue Review has offered for Domme Kyaa and I to appear on Her podcast in the next week or so. The topic – blackmail. I can’t wait, and I know Kyaa and Doctor Sue are excited as well!
Speaking of Domme Kyaa, She is officially going to be traveling the second week in March! She will be visiting Seattle & Vancouver BC to meet dickie virgin himself, along with many other fabulous kinky people. I for one can’t wait to see the pics and clips She comes back with!

Seattle & Vancouver BC