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Greedy Goddesses Wednesday 1/28/2015

Happy Wednesday, freaks! Hump day, which means it’s time to hump your hands and tribute your Goddesses! Can you handle 3 more days before you wank away the weekend?

Mistress Kiara is a total fan of the Try Guys from Buzzfeed, and they never cease to amuse Her. This clip is no exception, when the Try Guys try BDSM! They interview a very knowledgeable Mistress Hudsy Hawn who sheds some light on various technique, tools, and misconceptions, as well as Her opinions on the 50 Shades phenomenon.

Queen Kitty has addressed one of the most frequent questions from kinky guys dating vanilla women – how do you get your girlfriend to dominate you?


So you’re interested in getting your girlfriend to dominate you in the bedroom, but you don’t know how to broach the subject or how she’ll react. If you think your lady is too shy or too submissive to agree to making you her bitch, trust me when I say that most women quickly warm up to the challenge.

It’s simple: femdom play is exciting and arousing for both partners, physically and psychologically. As the woman in charge, your girlfriend will find it exhilarating to call the shots and boss you around, while you’ll get to revel in giving up control and enjoying the suspense of what she’ll do to you or make you do next.

If you’re both totally new to femdom play, you may want to start with a little role-play first. Ask her to be the domineering boss who forces you to work overtime on her pussy, or the no-nonsense TSA agent who flags your ass as a security threat. Pretending to be someone else can often free up any inhibitions, making it a fun and safe way to experiment with a new power dynamic in the bedroom.

Read more here at Her blog!

In Mistress Jezebel Sinclair’s newest blog, She talks about Her awesome weekend at AVN, with tons of awesome pictures and stories!

Ah Vegas – where to start? Me AEE/AVN week was an absolute blast and I can honestly say that I BARELY had a moment to relax during the week. Very fast paced and extremely eventful, this was definitely the experience of a lifetime. I met more people than I can possibly remember, went to wayyyyy too many parties & generally did more physical activity than I probably have in the last year or so (sue me lol).

I can’t even remember the order of the things I did so I’ll just recount my experiences via the photos below. Whichever comes first comes first. My Detroit sub flew into Vegas to see me and we got away from the hectic AVN parties to do our own thing for a while. It had been about 2 months since I saw him and we were both pretty excited to spend some time together. He knew I really wanted to go on the High Roller observation tower at the Linq hotel so he got us tickets to go. It was really lovely seeing Vegas from that high up. The view was absolutely breathtaking – even for someone like me who has an extreme fear of heights. We did some walking around and ended up at the “LOVE” Beatles show & it was absolutely magnificent. Had a few drinks at the “Revolution” beatles themed bar lounge too. My Best friend Ms Morgan Chase and I had partied a bit too hard the night before & my boy treated us to some mineral infused IV treatments & some b12 booster shots. It was EXACTLY what we needed. Overall a great day w/great company.


That’s all for today, puppets, tune in tomorrow for more findom and femdom updates!




Super Saturday Update, for all your Findom and Femdom needs!

First up Queen Kitty and Goddess Jennifer had a debauched weekend in Charlotte…


This year will be the 2nd annual get together of super sadistic and kinky minds. Last year Goddess Jennifer and I took Charlotte by storm with a weekend full of debauchery filled RT sessions, online sessions, wallet rapes and wishlist clearing. In addition to all of Our fun sessions of trampling, food and object crushing, foot worship, face-sitting, flogging, caning, more foot worship, whipping and general BDSM fun were followed by tons of pampering. Pedicures, meals and shopping all paid for by Our pets or admirers as Goddess like Us always deserve.  Even with a few roadblocks and bumps in the trip, it was still a great weekend spent with My best friend and I just happened to walk away making a ton of money and meeting new subs (who still message Us begging Us to come back).

Click to Continue reading on Queen Kitty’s Blog….



Miss Jezebel has an awful lot to brag about in her latest tribute brag blog…


So as I had mentioned in my perfume blog a couple days ago, I have an OBSESSION with perfumes and fragrances and it’s clear that this is no lie when people see how much my perfume collection just grows and grows. These aren’t just your cheap $20 perfumes either. I accept only top notch exquisite fragrances suitable for ROYALTY – after all, I am the physical embodiment of perfection so I deserve the very best. (And yes, that’s two of the same perfume because I like to spend sub’s money like that)

Click to continue reading on Miss Jezebel’s Blog…



Ms. Katie Savage has a winter update, with a little something for everyone…

I’ve been hard at work emptying your wallet and wading through the snow.  Like most of us in the United States, I was blasted with snow and frigid temps this winter.  YAY for snow boots.  Sometimes, if I’m just running outside, I choose to wear these fuzzy snow boots without socks.





The inimitable Goddess Kyaa has posted up her spring travel and shoot schedule…

I have 2 trips planned for this spring currently, with at least 1 more still up in the air. Read on and find out where I’m traveling this spring. Since you no-life losers live vicariously through my exciting life I’m going to make sure you know approximately when I’ll be traveling and where so you can follow along with me through my travel blogs and tweets while on the road/out-and-about.

Are you drooling yet?




Mistress Tori Sloan has a message for all you blackmail fetishists out there…


I have been getting bombarded with a huge number of messages from pathetic losers craving for My attention begging to get humiliated by Me. Used and blackmailed to the extent of desperation that they offer to do the most pathetic things for Me lol

Click to continue reading on Her blog…



That’s it for now, keep tributing and stay frosty.




Sunday – Funday, if you’re a Domme

First up, we have a new clip review by Denied Boy, check it out here:

Clip Review: Short But Not So Sweet Ball Slapping


Miss Laura received some new latex gifts…

I just wanted to show you all my sexy latex boots from J they are sexy
as fuck don’t you agree????……and of course a few other gifts iv
had the last couple of days! Get On your knees for me.

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Goddess Genevieve posts on D/s and the balance between Domme and sub…

This is going to be a short blog, but it’s a topic I’ve been wanting to blog
about for some time now.

Someone once asked Me, “what do your subs experience when they
session/serve you?” Now, there are many answers to this particular
question, and there is no one experience that matches the next.
However My answer was this.

A sub that either sessions or serves Me knows that I have the ability to
crush them, yet uplift them. A safe haven that explores their inner most
wants and needs, yet submits to mine. They know the physiological
mind fuck can be the best and worst part of their servitude.
The ability to choose their course of action yet the instinct
to always obey.

Bottom line, each to their own.

However, when I see or hear of the dreaded “blocked, fake or destroyed
session” around the various sites on social medias, I see the bottom


That’s it for now.  Stay frosty.
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Greedy Goddesses Saturday – Spend for your Goddesses!

Got a lot of updates today, so let’s jump right in!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bree

Goddess Bree has done an interview with the Greedy Goddesses! Read about how Superior She is, and how ALL men were put on this Earth to be beneath Her.

Princess Jezebel has had some great tributes this year, and has offered to share with Us Her very first brag blog of the year:

As usual, I’m pretty lazy about updating my tributes and doing my brag blogs but every now and then I find a few moments to organize photos of some of my tributes and display them for all you thirsty losers and help feed your addiction to me and my life.

Like any other High Class snobby Goddess, I have an extreme OBSESSION with all things Juicy Couture and what better brand to represent the epitome of High Class femininity? I got these two beautiful Juicy bracelets at the Juicy Couture store on my trip to Sedona. Quite obviously, my total spent was immediately reimbursed by Sissy Julie. The First bracelet is a pink and gold macrame bracelet that is perfect for everyday wear, I absolute LOVE it. The second bracelet is a beautiful black and gold leather mini cuff bracelet and mon dieu don’t you losers agree that it’s absolutely DIVINE?

There are even more tributes, presents, and updates on Princess Jezebel’s blog. Go visit, comment, and more importantly, add to Her stash!

The Femdoms at Pretty Punk Princesses had a fun day out with a new real time pay pig that they will be sharing:

Mistress Malvasia and Mistress Kiara had a fun real time meetup today with their newest pay pig! The pig took his new Mistresses out for coffee at a local Panera and quickly emptied his wallet on command. There wasn’t much in it, but he did promise to take Them both shopping next week! And in even better news, he’s excited to be filmed with his new Princesses, so look for some great fetish clips from the Pretty Punk Princesses featuring this pig! After they talked with the pig for a whole hour (lucky pig!), the Goddesses went and spent his cash on clothes, bath bombs, and snacks at Whole Foods.

Want to be their next lucky pay pig? Visit the Goddesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Send an email to the Pretty Punk Princesses and set up your appointment today! prettypunkprincesses(at)Gmail(dot)com

Queen Kitty is selling Her nasty ballet flats! Will YOU be the lucky boy to win them?:

SUPER SMELLY BLACK BALLET FLATS!!! I have had these bad boys about a year. Not only have I wore them all over My home and during many sessions but I have also taken these bad boys with Me when I travel. Can you imagine just how nasty they are? I have been walking around dirty hotel rooms in them. I will also be wearing them as much as possible this last week, with no socks of course. I also keep the flats in a ziploc bag any time in which I am not wearing them to preserve the delicious foot odor for My foot addicts. Show Me how bad you want these flats foot fetish freaks!




Mistress Bella Vendetta‘s birthday is coming up, and She has a new article about it in Our Femdom Pieces section of the website! Here’s a quick preview, but you should really go read the whole thing.


Lots and Lots of potential clients, friend and fellow Dommes have been asking Me about My policies on financial Domination.

The concept of money, CASH specifically and the power it brings is nothing new to Me

Read the whole article here!