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Clip Review: 24 Hours Of Stroking

Review by: Denied Boy

Since the description says it’s for a chronic masturbator, I thought it’s for me lol. This is a very intense assignment for submissive boys. If you are like me, you will take it seriously and try to follow every small detail of it. I assure you, you will love the results. This is gonna blow your mind away. Mistress Bianca is going take you from your boring days to an experience full of excitement. She is going to set you on fire today. She knows the secret of mixing pain & pleasure.

Take a good look

Now follow my lead

In this clip, she teases you with her sexy body, you get to see her incredible butt and her delicious cleavage. She is wearing just a top and panties. Can you resist that? After few seconds, you will love to torture yourself for her all day. Edging is different with her. She will take it to the next level.

try to resist

With her calm voice, she will tell you about yourself: “I know you’re a chronic masturbator so you’re going to enjoy the fun we’re about to have.” 
You will obey to her direct orders. “You’re going to jerk your cock over and over and over while watching this clip for 24 hours straight. However, you will not be permitted to cum until the 24th hour when your cock is red and raw and your hand is tired, blowing your load will truly be a challenge!

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Clip Info:
Category: Masturbation Instruction
Media Format: WMV

File size: 133 MB
Media Playtime: 6:03

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