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Clip Review: Ball Abuse

Review by: Denied Boy

Ball Abuse

Miss Noel Knight invites you into her dungeon for a session. She starts by asking you what do you think this session is about? She bets you think you are going to cum today, but she has another plans for you. She has you naked, kneeling in front of her. She tells you right in your face “I am really in the mood to make you suffer, specifically making your balls suffer”. How could you resist or say no. She knows what she wants and she will gets it. your opinion is irrelevant.
At the first minute, exactly at second 16 she exposes her breast! yes, she actually flashes her naked boobs for you. For exactly 6 seconds, you will get to see Goddess Noel’s holy breast! Probably that’s the best beginning of a cut session ever. I swear if she let her holy breast out a little bit longer, you would cum in your pants. After this quick teasing introduction (less than a minute) she breaks it to you that you don’t get to cum saying “today isn’t about please, today is about pain”.
During the session she tells you that she doesn’t care about your pain, or your tears. Yes you will cry in this session for sure.
The session as she designed it has four stages and a mysterious surprise finishing one. Each one of these four requires
different method, and inflicts a dose of pain. But they all can be done by just your bare hand.
  • Stage one: Slap. you have to slap your balls hard until they go back and forth from the impact. By Moving your wrist you will cause pain to your balls as much as she wants.
  • Stage two: Grab, Twist & Squeeze. you have to grab your balls and twist them very hard and make them ache. you will be asked to add squeezing while twisting. This method will get the pain level so high you will feel it in your stomach.
  • Stage three: Punch. Get your fist ready for punching your own balls at her directions. you will be jumping from the pain. At this stage your balls will turn blue, or purple and they will be bruised for sure. At this point you will start crying.
  • Stage four: Flick. It sounds easy, but after punching, your balls will be very sensitive, you will be screaming with each flick of your finger.
After that you will be ordered to start stroking for her. She will make you  forget about your pain totally by flashing her holy boobs in your face again! At [7:20] to [7:33] this time for 13 seconds !! Can you believe it? And because she knows what she just did to you, your pain will keep you from exploding for her.
She walks you through sensual masturbation instructions. She will force you to stroke and get yourself to the edge by using her weapons. Her soft voice, encouraging words and her breathtaking ass. She jiggles her sexy ass cheeks in front of you. How could you resist? She asks you softly “ it feels good, doesn’t it?” believe me, stroking for Miss Noel is way better than having real sex with other women. This will last almost two minutes. It’s gonna be the most pleasurable two minutes in your life, it’s heaven. But what comes next? And how is she going to end her session with you? Buy the clip and find out yourself.

Notes on the clip

  • Sadism. Miss Noel is a true sadistic, you will see it in this clip clearly.
  • In this clip you get to see Miss Noel’s holy breast naked for whole 18 seconds! This is enough to buy this clip. And by this Miss Noel joins a movement in femdom community where dommes allow slaves to peek on their holy parts.

Analyzation for the mechanics of the clip. 

Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple. Setting was a regular room, as an elegant dungeon, and there is nothing in background except a blue wall and hanger with lots of spanking “tools”. These elements helped to create a certain tone. They give the feeling of being trapped in a dungeon to the viewer.
 Shot in pov style to get you the feeling go kneeling in front of her. The fact that she has to lean down to talk to you is remarkably smart. It is real for you.
monologue: you will be amazed how good is it. Noel just uses her words perfectly. she knows how to choose the right words in the right moment. She knows how to make you feel in a dungeon for real.
A dominatrix talks to you , asks you if you think you will cum today. She does her magic to get you erect insanely quickly so she can begin torturing your balls.
characterization: She, the dominatrix, is cruel and sadistic. you can tell from the first minute of this clip. Her beautiful eyes shows her cruelty, and her charming smile shows how sadistic she is. Her laugh, which is a very famous element of her weapons, will shake your mind up. you will be scared and seduced by her in the same time. By mastering every detail, like clothes, makeup setting, words, voice and the look in her eyes.
The plot was inventive. As a professional dominatrix she knows how to start and how to end things perfectly. It is a complete real session. From A to Z. The final was a shocking surprise.
The clip flows smoothly without any cutting at all. It was taken at one shoot. Lighting was perfect. It shows a clear view.
Costume design
Clothing choice fits perfect the style of the clip. It definitely contributes to the overall tone which is the dungeon theme. The colour is very important. It matches with the wall, and triggers in viewer’s mind the fact of “denial”. It tells you, without talking, that you are gonna end up with blue balls. In addition it shows that character has her own personality. She is not just another domme, wearing whatever (flashy leathery thing). She wears a dress, a beautiful elegant sexy dress, which doesn’t stop her of course from being a cruel dominatrix.
Clip info
Keywords: CBT Instruction, Sadism, Ball busting, Orgasm Denial, Domination, Femdom POV
I bet your dick is all hard and achy right now. No doubt looking at me in my tight dress has turned you into a horny little slut. Well, that’s too bad! I’m not in the mood to play with your cock today, boy. Instead, I’ve a mind to bust your balls. I want you on your knees offering up those fat man sacks for some pain and suffering. I’m going to turn them black and blue, so swollen that you’ll barely be able to walk by the end of our little session today. Why? Because I enjoy hurting you and you want to make me happy, right?
Video is HD 1280×720 WMV.
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 443 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 10/30/13 4:00pm

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