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Clip Review: JOI for Cum sluts (with a twist)

Review by: Denied Boy

Lady Fyre gives you two clips in one! It’s a great deal. There is no actual break between them, but when you watch the clip you will understand.
Part 1
In the description, she informs you to prepare few things you must have (a fat dildo, a condom, lube (if needed), a pair of scissors & a heavy book). She adds “Don’t worry, the scissors aren’t for your cock” in a nice sadistic touch from her. The clips starts with Lady Fyre sitting on her bed, wearing black sweater, jeans and boots (her sexy clothes suit a cold weather). The room is clean and elegant. It’s not a dungeon. She gives you this feeling of being “HOME”. This is a tricky thing, because some subs like the old fashion BDSM settings and some don’t. I find the homey, normal, natural setting is irresistible. I believe it more, it effects me more. So if you are like me, you will love what you see.

In her hand there is a pink dildo. She starts it like a real conversation: “So here what you are gonna for me today… “ the opening line is so important in POV clips because it sets the ground for the everything after. When she asks for a dildo, a condom, or a book she says “that I told you about” which gives you a serious  feeling that is happening for real.

It’s a Jerk Off Instruction clip, so she guides you with her soft hands  how to do it. Her voice is a strong element of her charm, I really can’t describe it, you must hear it yourself to understand. It’s deep and goes deep inside you. When she talks, she gets into your head easily (and your heart most of the time). On minute 3, she turn around and lets you face her sexy ass as she describes it “jerk off material” if you need it, and i assure you, you will not need it. When she shakes her ass in your face, you will grow weaker and weaker. At 3:14, she pulls up her sweater to give you a peek on her back, you get to see her incredible porcelain skin.
And ay 3:24, she presses her middle finger in her crack over the jeans, it will drive you wild!
At 5:05 she bends over and asks you “are you ready to cum for me?”, you have to hold yourself because when you hear her saying that, you could explode! So you better be careful.
There is no direct humiliation in the beginning half of the clip, but you will feel her power over you. In her soft voice and strong words, you will obey.
Part 2

The other half of the clip is as hot as part 1. She surprises you with a “twist” in the beginning of this part which will shake you down. You will notice the humiliation tone appears clearer. She keeps going with specific instructions. In very calm firm voice, she commands you to follow every word. she will demonstrate how things should be done, and you will definitely end up satisfying your inner cum slut.
Buy the clip and watch it to the last second, and answer her last question at the end.
The clip is 10 minutes long and 75 MB weight., Shot in 720p HD. You can find it in her store.

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