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GG Thursday 5-1-2014: Cruel Dama, Sasha Conceited, Goddess Kyaa and Princess Rene!

First up Cruel Dama explains Her views on the effort She requires from Her slaves…







I expect from my slaves involvement, effort, perseverance and dedication. If I see excuses instead of interest, if it’s necessary inventing a story to justify themselves, is that things fail a lot.
But there are still those who believe that the trick of feign sincerity works.

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Next, Miss Sasha Conceited talks about what fetishes She’s interested in.  It’s not all financial domination boys…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Tonight I was on because I felt like hanging out in a non-session and fun atmosphere chatting with subs in a group format. One boy came into my room and told me that he had been to Destiny’s Chamber, but had never really been interested in me because he thought I was mostly into financial domination. Now, I know Destiny warned me about possibly scaring potential guys away from having sessions with me by advertising that I do financial domination. I haven’t had any issues with getting a fair amount of sessions there, so I didn’t figure that this was actually turning people away.

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Lastly, Goddess Kyaa is one day into her visit with Princess Rene, and is having a fabulous time! 

It’s only my 1st full day in Las Vegas and I have already sunbathed, hot-tubbed, BBQed, went shopping (buying a few new dresses, a necklace & heels totaling ~$300 so send a tribute to cover the cost of my shopping trip!) AND shot multiple kinky clips with Princess Rene, plus a few solo femdom clips you boys will be very excited to see come out for sale ASAP.

Why do you think we look so satisfied?

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