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GG Wednesday, 4-23-2014

First up, Goddess Kyaa will be in Las Vegas with Princess Rene, so be sure to keep your eyes out for the pics and clips that are sure to be released!

In a little more than a week I’ll be in Las Vegas, staying with Princess Rene for more than a week of fun in the sun!

I’ll spend the first 7 days of my trip with Princess Rene. We have plans to go on some outdoor adventures, so I’m bringing a pair of white sneakers I can get filthy and sweaty while we hike. When I return home some lucky pervert will get to buy them!

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Ms Katie Savage headed to Texas for the first time, luckily one of you boys got her some boots…

I recently traveled to Texas for My first time. Due to My own preconceived notions, I felt I couldn’t have possibly went there without My cowgirl boots. I added them to My wish list, and just in perfect timing, Twitter admirer scooped them up right before his prime membership ran out! what a good little admirer. I was so relieved the boots arrived before We left. It was so much fun hanging out with My GF’s friends and her father. Of course they all said I was soooo cute :D  My Girlfriend took My rodeo virginity.  I was terrified it would be like watching animal torture, but it was fine.  I did clap and cheer when the cowboy wasn’t able to land his lasso and the calf got away.

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Lastly, Goddess Genevieve recently launched a new website featuring Her feet!  Take a look!

How To Admit you’re into feet and how to Worship them correctly.

And seeing as you’ve landed on my website, how to admit you’re really into My feet.


First things first.
Don’t be embarrassed about having a thing for sexy, alluring feet.
Mine are pretty hard to resist.
There are plenty of fetishes out there and there’s no reason to feel like you’re alone.

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