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Greedy Goddesses Wednesday 1/28/2015

Happy Wednesday, freaks! Hump day, which means it’s time to hump your hands and tribute your Goddesses! Can you handle 3 more days before you wank away the weekend?

Mistress Kiara is a total fan of the Try Guys from Buzzfeed, and they never cease to amuse Her. This clip is no exception, when the Try Guys try BDSM! They interview a very knowledgeable Mistress Hudsy Hawn who sheds some light on various technique, tools, and misconceptions, as well as Her opinions on the 50 Shades phenomenon.

Queen Kitty has addressed one of the most frequent questions from kinky guys dating vanilla women – how do you get your girlfriend to dominate you?


So you’re interested in getting your girlfriend to dominate you in the bedroom, but you don’t know how to broach the subject or how she’ll react. If you think your lady is too shy or too submissive to agree to making you her bitch, trust me when I say that most women quickly warm up to the challenge.

It’s simple: femdom play is exciting and arousing for both partners, physically and psychologically. As the woman in charge, your girlfriend will find it exhilarating to call the shots and boss you around, while you’ll get to revel in giving up control and enjoying the suspense of what she’ll do to you or make you do next.

If you’re both totally new to femdom play, you may want to start with a little role-play first. Ask her to be the domineering boss who forces you to work overtime on her pussy, or the no-nonsense TSA agent who flags your ass as a security threat. Pretending to be someone else can often free up any inhibitions, making it a fun and safe way to experiment with a new power dynamic in the bedroom.

Read more here at Her blog!

In Mistress Jezebel Sinclair’s newest blog, She talks about Her awesome weekend at AVN, with tons of awesome pictures and stories!

Ah Vegas – where to start? Me AEE/AVN week was an absolute blast and I can honestly say that I BARELY had a moment to relax during the week. Very fast paced and extremely eventful, this was definitely the experience of a lifetime. I met more people than I can possibly remember, went to wayyyyy too many parties & generally did more physical activity than I probably have in the last year or so (sue me lol).

I can’t even remember the order of the things I did so I’ll just recount my experiences via the photos below. Whichever comes first comes first. My Detroit sub flew into Vegas to see me and we got away from the hectic AVN parties to do our own thing for a while. It had been about 2 months since I saw him and we were both pretty excited to spend some time together. He knew I really wanted to go on the High Roller observation tower at the Linq hotel so he got us tickets to go. It was really lovely seeing Vegas from that high up. The view was absolutely breathtaking – even for someone like me who has an extreme fear of heights. We did some walking around and ended up at the “LOVE” Beatles show & it was absolutely magnificent. Had a few drinks at the “Revolution” beatles themed bar lounge too. My Best friend Ms Morgan Chase and I had partied a bit too hard the night before & my boy treated us to some mineral infused IV treatments & some b12 booster shots. It was EXACTLY what we needed. Overall a great day w/great company.


That’s all for today, puppets, tune in tomorrow for more findom and femdom updates!



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