Meet the Goddesses – Miss Cee

Red Lips  Miss Cee

Q: What title do you prefer be used when slaves address you?
A: Goddess or Miss Cee

Q: Besides BDSM and fetish, what are some things you enjoy? Movies, TV, books, games, etc.
A: Horror films, Horror novels, Survival Horror video games, shopping ofcourse lol and good food.

Q: What do YOU think is your best feature?
A: My eyes,lips,curves and personality

Q: What specifically makes you the most giddy/happy/turned on?
A: Cash, Gifts, Tributes mmmmm

Q: Have you ever made a sub cry? How did it make you feel?
A: I have made a few exboyfriends cry who showed signs of being pathetic bitches and poor excuses for men.(weak, nonconforming)
I hope I put some hair on their nuts. It felt great.

Fishnet Toes

Q: Do you think of yourself as a lifestyle, professional, or strictly online Mistress?
A: Definitely all of the above.

Q: How long have you been offering sessions?
A: Real Time -10+ years selectively
Online- 1.5 years

Q: What are your favorite fetishes?
A: CBT, Foot Worship,Findom, Humiliation, Tease &Denial, SPH, many more!

Q: What was your first femdom experience? How did it make you feel?
A: 2001-2002 one of those years. I was 19. I was introduced to it by a submissive older male who bought Me a ton of Femdom mags. I had never seen such things.
I was so turned on. Haven’t stopped loving it since

Q: Can you describe in one word how dominating someone makes you feel?


Q: How do you honestly feel about men?
A: I think men are fun to play with

Q: Do you share your femdom life with your friends and family?
A: Yes

Q: Do you think all women are inherently superior?
A: No. I love and support Female Supremacy but there are many women who simply don’t have a superior bone in their body. All women could be inherently superior though..just chooses not to be.

Q: Have you ever been to play party or played in Public before?
A: I’m not a fan of public play. Some public humiliation is fun occasionally but ultimately I’m pretty private.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to submissives who approach you?
A: $$$$ Every boy should come bearing gifts. All of the time. It feels good to do as you were born to do.

Q: Are you currently seeking other slaves?
A: Always room for more pigs,pups,pets,admirers and worshippers (;

Q: How do you accept Tributes?
A: http://www.Chocolatedomme.com/gifts.html

Q: How can potential slaves contact you?
A: My website

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  1. Fetish Liza is a stunning woman and autgolhh she is not a Dominatrix in the pure sense of the term, I would die to be on my knees before her to lick her long leather boots, suck her thick black cock and have her use me as her sex slave.

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