financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve shoes heels

Greedy Goddesses Tuesday

First up, Goddess Genevieve has some written lines for you boys to do…

Recently I had made a clip for My studio, which you can find here that included quite a few written lines from aka : Naughty boys. 400 hand written lines to be exact.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

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The Asian Goddess is getting set up on Sinful Call…

So everyone is signing up for Sinful Call / Adult Chat Hosts – so here I am on the bandwagon – late as usual.   I wish I could make different phone lines on it like you can on Niteflirt, but I do enjoy the ease of setting up PhotoSets for Sale, so I’ve started a mini collection there you can BUY My Attention from.    Sign up below !!  every pervy creep and Domme needs to have another Tribute option available for you losers.   so you can Thank Me by signing up, and sending Me a TRIBUTE.
Sinfulcall - Phone Sex Line

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And finally Goddess Bree demands that Her good boys tribute…

I love seeing you boys ache for Me, sacrificing everything you have just to have a taste of My perfection.  you really are lucky that I allow you to spend your cold hard cash on Me and you should be thanking Me daily for that privilege!  Before you read any further run along and show your thanks.

Click To Tribute Goddess

That feels better, doesn’t it bitch?  Feeling that money slip from your hands right into My perfectly manicured fingers … Yummy! *pets My good boys on the head in approval

Now as you know Easter is right around the corner and as a extra special Easter treat I have put together a pay to view just for this occasion.  See the image below with the golden eggs in the basket?  Click it!

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cruel dama

Monday: Are you working hard for your Goddesses?

Greetings, Dommes and subs.  Hope everyone had a “tribeautiful” weekend!

Cruel Dama is taking some time to relax after a few busy weeks…

No, I don’t drink wine and there was no roses (with the exception of female beauties corsage in the dungeon). The title of the post refers to the weekend events I enjoyed, but today I relax, movie day on the couch and little activity (at least in principle).

Goddess Arrion comments on moderation within control.
Financial domination can be a little detrimental to those who tend to get in way over their heads and then tend to say when in shit creek *im getting out of this fetish*.Now one of the things that a Domme always has is control….What financial dommes need to learn and the really good one’s already know this and apply this is this…. *you dont break your toys*.

Goddess Rene has a bunch of tribute porn pics to get all you boys drooling…

Hello, fans!

Did you see yesterday’s blog post? It’s pretty amusing.

I wanted to do a little update today. I don’t post that regularly on my blog these days because I lead quite the busy life. I do, however, post diary vlogs in my member’s site so if you like hearing about what’s going on with my life, I highly suggest you sign up. It’s a really good price and you’ll get access to tons of hot content, including those diary videos where I update you guys on what’s going on with me!

So, on to the update. I received quite a few gifts in the mail yesterday:

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Saturday Spoil-a-thon

Hey all you subbys, have you been spoiling your Dommes? 

Public humiliation? Yes please! Princess Jenny had a rather good time humiliating Her sissy slut via phone recently.

Sissy boy Eric and I did his first shopping mall experience today on the phone. We’ve been talking about him going to the mall and buying make-up and lingerie for himself for about a month. He’s backed out each time he’s gotton there and never calls. Yesterday he finally had the little sissy balls to go through with it. He called from the lingerie store and I could hear all the female voices in the background…

wearing panties gets you hard

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Have you been busy? Princess Laura sure has! There’s nothing quite like bleeding a wallet. 

Hey addicts.
Iv been a very greedy goddess these last couple of days…iv drained the shit out of one weakling in particular..!!! Here’s a message from him earlier…
”i spent £750 in 2 days plus £150 to you and your friends – i should be weeping but instead i am thrilled Thank You”- Weakling
Iv had some lovely gifts bought by him including a Vivienne Westwood purse to match my bag he bought me a few weeks ago, a swanky expensive new camera & stand, a gorgeous tartan dress, some very sexy leather boots, a cupcake kit & caddy, some Moët champagne, crystal flutes & more!!! He is such a weak boy for me…so weak that when he ran out of money I made him get a wonga loan to send me a bank transfer and spoil me more!!!


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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Friday, you know what your Goddesses want

First off on this Greedy Goddesses Friday, Domme Malvasia is one of the 30 on the magical wishlist fairy’s list!  Congratulations to Her.  Go and spend, spend, spend on Her wishlist boys.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Malvasia

Miss Sasha Conceited posted a wonderful blog on building a D/s relationship and the concept of the gentleman submissive…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

I believe that many do miss the point of having a long term D/s relationship. As many of you know, I don’t believe a good D/s relationship can be built in a day. A boy should have to prove himself worthy of that privilege. I see ownership cheapened down to the point where I do not want any more subs as property. I see most attempts stem out of selfishness and not for the benefit of both parties.

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Miss Jezebel will be hosting a kinky easter egg hunt, scheduled to go live on Her site at the stroke of midnight on easter…

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Jezebel

As many of you know, I occasionally like to do free public tasks, games and contests so even the broke boys who follow my online presence can join in on the fun. Well, luckily for all of you I have a brand new ORIGINAL contest coming up for you boys to participate in.

Easter is coming up and we all know the typical things associated with easter – cute little bunnies, chocolate and the easter egg hunt that even adults love – today I’ll be giving you a reason to love easter egg hunts a little more than usual. The second the clock hits midnight on Easter, an online easter egg hunt will go live on my website.

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Goddess Kyaa is showing off the prizes you could have won, if you had wisely decided to compete in Her Clip Addict Contest…

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

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mistress tokyo gg

Thrilling Thursday

Great news in the Domme world today! Mistress Tokyo will be taking the long trek from Australia to our neck of the woods, New York! That’t right Dommes and subbys,  the wickedly latextastic Goddess will be here May 6th-14th.  On her site she writes:

“I’m excited to announce I’m going to be in New York for 8 days in MayFor the first time ever on the East Coast, I’m offering sessions at the renowned NYC Rubber Studio, run by the fabulous Mistress Ariana Chevalier! I’ll bring My unique slant on kink to this well equipped, professionally operated Manhattan play space. I was welcomed most warmly when we met 5 years ago and I’ve wanted to get back to play there ever since! They have a PILE of great rubber. you’d all know how much that will bring Moi the joy… :D I’ve only had a few days in Manhattan ever, so I’m very much looking forward to playing both Mistress AND tourist!”

 If you are interested in contacting Her or learning more about the trip, visit Her here

In other news the fabulous Mistress Esme has a new site up and running! I had a chance to peruse and oogle Her picture gallery and I loved it!  Her “About Me” section gives you a nice quick glimpse into Mistress Esme, and what She is all about. Be sure to browse around and visit Her other blogs that are shown.  You will all in love with yet another Femdom. See for yourself here.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sasha Conceited

Tuesday, giving subs the blues-day.

It’s Tuesday folks, time for subs to give the Goddesses their due.

Cruel Dama talks a little bit about her life as a FemDomme…

It’s great to have a relationship with each of my slaves. All are different and all are special. I enjoy the time I spend with each of them and, of course, privacy is needed to evolve together.
However, as people integrated in society, we must also live in it. I love socializing with like minded people in parties and events, eating with a friend, attending a show with some pooch, walking around town, visiting other places …

Spoiled Princess Jenny has a list of ways to tell if you’re a sissy, how many do you subs fit?

10 absolute ways to know if you’re a sissy!

1. You’re a failure as a Man
2. You dress in dresses for girls
3. Masturbation is your only form of sex
4. You need constant verbal humiliation
5. Hot dressed girls scare you


This one is for all the Dommes in the room: 
Miss Sasha Conceited posted the 10 giveaways of ones online Domliness…

How do you know you’ve been spending countless hours telling people what to do online? Are you new and want to know what it’s like to be a Domme with a 24/7 online presence? These are my telltale signs of being an online Domme. However, I’m sure this could be expanded upon, so if you are reading this and want to add to it, be my guest!


You Know You’re an Online Domme When…


  1. You get irritated at people on your vanilla social networks for not paying to talk to you.
  2. Amazon is your favorite place to shop.
  3. You make breaking down guys down at a bar a regular hobbie.







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i want clips femdom fetish clips for sale

Monday Update – your Femdom Princesses await!

It’s Monday, boys – time to get back to work for Us Goddesses!

A brand new clip site: has launched today.  Many of the Femdom Goddesses you know and adore from GG are releasing new clips as we speak.  Don’t wait, go buy them now boys!

Spoiled Princess Jenny has a new armpit fetish clip for you freaks to wank to:


Armpit hypnosis part 2

Happy Spring Jenny jerkers! It’s felt like Spring here in California for the last month. its been so hot and all the flowers are blooming. in a special tribute to the heat and Spring I made a new part 2 of my Armpit seduction hypnosis clip. My Armpit fetish army continues to grow, with no deodorant on just the erotic natural aroma I exude. My Princess perfume hypnotizing your mind and brainwashing you. You don’t need an armpit fetish to enjoy this clip. My seductive eyes and lips are enough to bring you to a deep Jenny jerking orgasm.

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 Goddess Kyaa had a completely uninteresting time in Canada:

Last week I visited Canada for the very first time. Sadly my introduction to Canada was rather boring and uneventful. This blog post will be nothing but a snooze-fest so I suggest you go find something more interesting to read, like War and Peace.

Boring Canadians!

Boring Canadians! They never do anything interesting. Look how obviously uninterested I am in this photo.

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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

Sunday, Worship and Give Tribute!

Was too busy making money yesterday to update – woops! Will try not to let it happen again ;3–

Brat Princess Mindy is showing off Her sexy gown for all you slaves to drool over:

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy Madison strapless

I cant remember which slave bought me this BEAUTIFUL strapless dress but OMFG, slaves… Prince$$ absolutely LOVES it!!!

heres a few photos of Me showing off in this gorgeous Maxandcleo number… Im sure you’ll enjoy! Oh and heres my amazon wishlist so you can buy Me pretty outfits too!

Be sure to see more on Her blog!

Mistress Laura is celebrating national cleavage day – aren’t you lucky!?


Hey losers!

National cleavage day is almost over! Have you enjoyed it??? Everyday is cleavage day for Goddess as she has lovely big pert breasts! Don’t you wish you were my mirror? Haha…(put that tongue back in worm!)

More HOT PICS on Her blog!

Princess Bella Daisy has a hot blog with all that She’s been up to lately (mostly draining losers, of course!):

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but you boys and sissies keep me too busy to post! Not a bad problem to have ;)

 photo michell-red-satin-nightgown.jpg

Sissy Michell’s annoying wife Taco has been getting in the way of her serving me as much as she’s used to for years now, but that doesn’t stop Michell from sneaking in some girl time whenever she can ;) After all, Michell was born to be a girl

Be sure to check out the rest of the hot tribute porn in Her blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

Friday, Payday, Tribute Day!

First off, we have a brand new Domme interview with Goddess Genevieve!  Check it out here:

Meet Goddess Genevieve!

Cruel Dama is proud of the progress of one of her slaves:

I like little details. And big. I have good pooches who care for me and pamper me every day.

Is there anything better than a long foot massage after a whole afternoon around with heels? How not to appreciate the gift of a piece of cloth (or more)
knowing that I will not wear it with him? How not to appreciate the sacrifice of waiting without complaining and that they receive me with a smile of happiness? What about those eyes full of devotion when they look at me?

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Goddess Bree‘s favorite thing is findom!  Get those tributes rolling!

It’s the eve of My favorite day of the week!  And all you bottom feeders can guess which day is My favorite, right?  For those of you who just can’t figure it out, then you haven’t been paying close enough attention to My awesomeness.  Tomorrow is Friday and that means PAYDAY!  That’s right, My favorite day of the week.  Most of you dorks have been waiting all week for this day, the day where you get the privilege to get on your knees and present that cold hard cash into My perfect hands.


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That’s all for now.  Tune in next time for more D/s action!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

Greedy Goddess Thursday – Money Mistresses Unite!

Everyone’s gearing up for payday – it’s almost time to fork over that hard earned cash to the money Mistress in your life who deserves it even more!

Miss Conceited loves Sinful Call – have you checked them out?

I’ve been with Sinful Call now for a couple months, and I’ve really enjoyed my experience there so far. Now many people who have used other platforms are going to say, what makes this place so special? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s better than your current PSO websites, but it does have a lot to offer.

A lot of sites take a HUGE percentage of your earnings, which nobody really likes. Sinful Call gives chat hosts 70% of what they earn on calls and 80% on content and tips sold through the site. Speaking of content, you can upload audio, video, and photo sets to be sold. I’ve been putting every piece of content I make on there, so boys have one place to get everything I have.

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Mistress Laura is more spoiled than ever!

I’m enjoying exploiting the weak at the moment.

Last night I spent over £200 of my amazon vouchers on myself, and iv still got over 1k left. Drools! It feels so good to know how weak you boys & girls get for me. You just can’t resist me & you just love making a fool of yourself for me don’t you bitch?!!!

It’s funny because subs come and go…this is fact! But just about every sub that has gone in the past comes crawling back to me. Wallet in mouth, tail between legs, begging to serve me once again! Rob, Mark, Chris…to name a recent few! Hehe

Read more and see more hot money Mistress tribute porn on Her blog!

Goddess Genevieve is selling 2 pairs of stinky, sexy socks:
Up for grabs my little feet lovers are My very dirty, sweaty gym socks x2!!!….ready to find their new homes!
They’ve both been on My perfect feet for 2 weeks now while I’ve been at gym and every day in-between…and will continue to be on My feet until they are shipped off.
How can I get your socks Goddess?
easy…It’s on a first come, first get basis as I’ve only got 2 pairs of worn dirty and sweaty socks…so I hope you’ve been following this blog carefully boys!

Find out how to buy them on Her blog!