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sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Clip Review: Princess Sheridan Teases out Your Cum

Review by Denied Boy

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Before you watch:

If you intend to follow Her orders and work with Her, you need to get a steel pinwheel because you’re gonna need it later.

The clip starts with Princess Sheridan holding a dildo in Her hands. Her cleavage will catch your attention in seconds. She is stroking the dildo and asks you “Do you like this” ?

Her soft hand is moving up and down. She smiles to you and says “I love the way it feels! It feels so GOOD”. Then She asks you directly, ”You want Me to suck on it so bad, don’t you? You wanna feel it go down My throat? I bet you wanna face-fuck Me! You wanna fuck My throat, don’t you?” She asks you more and more questions. Then She opens Her mouth and barely licks the tip of that cock.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

She talks to you, She knows how horny you are right now. While playing with the cock with Her fingers She asks you, “You want blowjob, you want a handjob? You want to cum so bad?”

Then She takes the cock and slides it into her deep cleavage and tit-fucks herself for two seconds. I damn bet you will rewatch these seconds ten times!

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then She pulls up a steel pinwheel, and starts to roll it over the cock while asking you, “Do you like that?” You are so horny, but you know it’s gonna be painful to have it on your sensitive throbbing cock.

She tells you it will hurt and you will love it. She gives you this mix between pain and pleasure. And whenever you feel it’s gonna be too much, She puts a hot kiss on the tip of the cock or the pinwheel with Her soft lips. You would do anything for these soft lips. You will accept anything for these soft lips.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then with Her relaxed soft voice She tells you She is going to stroke the head of your dick. Her expert hand works on that cock in front of you at the same time.

Then She talks again about deep throat! She even pretends to gag on the cock without putting it in her mouth [don’t get greedy].

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then She gets back to the pinwheel and tells you how She is going to tease you with it. She works it over the cock and its head. And while She is torturing that cock, you can steal a good look at Her cleavage. She does it slowly. She wants it to hurt. And to make it more acceptable to you She places the head of the cock in Her mouth and keeps running that pinwheel on it. Just imagine that is your cock. You will be fucked up totally. All that pain and sensation.

Then She gets back to stroking only. She grabs the head in Her soft hand and works it good. At this moment, She presses Her breast, so the cleavage looks hot like fire! Between Her magical hand moving on that cock and Her deep cleavage you will be melting down. She knows it. She talks to you about how bad you want to cum for Her and how bad you want Her to give you full strokes not just light touches. You will be so close to cumming. She encourages you to hold it. She tells you “Don’t cum!” with a big smile on Her cute angel face.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then She leans down and gets closer to you. She takes the head again into her mouth. She licks it and sucks the tip of it while asking you “You want me to suck it, don’t you?” She pulls the pinwheel back again. She places the head in her mouth and presses the sharp steel device into the cock. “I’m not sucking it. I am just teasing you!”

Then She gets back to rub the head of the dick while playing with your head with her words. At this point, She notices that you got precum everywhere. Then you spurted suddenly. Her hand is away from your dick and you just cum all over the place.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

She finally says, “You wouldn’t need a blowjob, you wouldn’t need a handjob and you still came. Such a good boy. Grown up so fast right?”

Then She leaves you to clean the mess you made.

Clip Analyzation


The clip was shot in pov style. So you get the feeling that She is right in front of you.


Monologue: Princess Sheridan is great with words. She knows when to be soft and nice and when to be cruel.


Princess wants to tease the cum out of you with minimum amount of teasing!

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:

“I told you. You didn’t need a blowjob. You didn’t need a handjob.”

“I’m not sucking it. I am just teasing you!”


It’s so hot when Princess licks, sucks, and puts the dick in her mouth.

Princess shows amazing view of her cleavage in this clip.

This clip has a ruined orgasm method that is similar to “milking the monkey & Chastity orgasm”. It depends on getting the submissive male with the minimum amount of stimulation. That’s cruel and brilliant.



Clip info:

Princess Sheridan Teases out Your Cum

Have you looked at the preview for this clip? Do I really need to explain it to you here? The only cruel part about this video is that you’re over there… jerking away… while I’m over here… teasing you with a little demonstration of how it would be, how it could be, if you weren’t who you are… a mindless spunk monkey. It’s fun to tease you because it’s so easy! c4s.com

Price: $11.99 USD

Length: 11 minutes

Size: 630 MB

Format: WMV

Category: TEASE & DENIAL

Added: 4/2/14 12:40pm




Clip Review: Cum in Chastity for Princess

Review by Denied Boy


Things you need to have before begin:

  1. secure chastity device


Princess Sheridan has her own unique femdom style. This clip is based on a custom request and it feels it’s part of follow up training for a slave. But it’s suitable for all slaves.

Before she starts, you will be doomed by her beautiful angel face. Her killer cleavage will get your mind melted in seconds. You will notice a big key is hanging on her chest. Yes you are locked by her.

Princess Sheridan starts the clip strong, with firm tone. “ you will do anything I ask you to”.

“We both know that your cock is mine” She leans to you, her beautiful charming eyes get closer to you, and the key is getting deeper in her cleavage. the whole imagine will fuck your mind literarily.

then she asks you “Do i make myself clear bitch boy?” Then she repeats “BITCH boy” to insist on this fact. She gives you a few second of silent to cook your mind while looking into your eyes. You will finally say what she wants you to say.


She talks to you about how bad you want to jerk off. She knows your desperate need to touch yourself. But the sad fact for you that you are locked up.

Then she picks up a chastity cage. For a moment, looking at her holding that cage and can clearly see her sexy cleavage will make you a zombie in seconds. She doesn’t stop there. Even if the clip main fetish is chastity but she slams you with another thing in the same time. She talks about your cock’s size. She laughs about it, even the dildo she brings for demonstration is way bigger than you. Then with her soft intelligent hands, she starts forcing that dildo into the cage. She pushes it inside.  She faces you with facts. Your dick is trapped in this device, just like the dildo.

Then, the big task begins. She tells you to start go back and forth in your cage. She pushes the dildo with one hand and let it inside her other hand. Back and forth. Watching this is mind blowing for real.

She degrades you and laughs at you. How could you find pleasure in this humiliating way! At this moment you will be like a horny little monkey doing whatever she does with her toy.

She asks you “ Are you a loser? ” then she asks again ” Are you a loser in a fucking cage” ? While leaning to you, she gives you a clear view to her cleavage. After laughing at you, it gets more serious. She tells you to keep going, she wants to see you cum in your chastity device.

She gets back to make the dildo fucks its own cage, Back and forth. She shows you exactly how to do it while mocking your small penis. She firmly orders you to keep going. For seconds you she holds the caged dildo to the camera and keeps degrading you about how pathetic you look. Then She starts talking about your small cock again, and how you will never please a woman with it.


The she breaks you with this fact “ this dildo, has more worth than you”.

She leans to you and asks you in her very soft voice “ Does it feel good? Do you want to cum?”

Then She orders you to cum finally and believe me you will. After this you will feel so weak and pathetic. And while you are down on the ground, she will step on you and make it hurts even more. She begins to humiliate you more and more. how did you cum and how much did you cum!

After your ruined orgasm in chastity, she still has something to tell you. It’s not over. She reminds you that’s you are still in chastity and still under her control. She gives you her simple rules : no more touching! She even waves the key for you. It’s a very hot moment when she grabs the key and just waves it in front of your face.

Then she tells you she wants to talk to you. So it’s ok to sit and listen while your sperm is dribbling out of your cage.  She spends the last minutes of this clip encouraging your obedience and submission to her. Also she sends clear massages for your weak, well beaten mind. Just direct sentences.

back n forth

Clip Analyzation

Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple. There is nothing distracts your eyes from looking at this Hot Princess.

The clip was shot in pov style. You get the feeling that she is right in front of you.


Monologue: Princess is amazing with choosing the right words. It’s obviously so natural to her. And She knows when to say them as well. She knows how and when  to hit you and heal you back.


Princess Sheridan wants to you to ruin your orgasm by making you cum in your chastity device.

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:

  • I don’t have to keep you in chastity to keep you doing what I fucking tell you to do.
  • You will never have a girlfriend.
  • Are you a loser? Are you a loser in a fucking cage?
  • I can’t really even tell if you came.
  • I see something leaking but i am not sure if that’s cum.
  • You will never ever fully satisfy me.


  • The clip has cuts (fade outs), but it doesn’t disturb its smoothness.
  • At 7:56 while she pulling the dildo out from the cage, the clip goes into slow motion which is incredibly hot moment.

Clip Info:

back n forth

Cum In Chastity For Princess

Look how big this rubber dildo is compared to your tiny dicklette! Oh well, it’ll just have to do for this demonstration. It’s crammed in its cage tightly just like you…the tip of the head pressing up against the chastity cage just like yours does. There’s not much room, is there? Not much room to rub one out and cum like I demand of you. But you can do it. I’ll help you. I’ll show you what to do. Come on bitch boy…fucking faggot! There you go…that got you hard. As hard as you can get in chastity anyway! You better cum loser.  clips4sale.com

Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
Size: 673 MB
Format: WMV
Category: CHASTITY
Added: 4/3/14 12:00pm
Her website:


Slave Yuri was paying attention to Princess Sheridan’ orders . He followed her instruction and manage to achieve great results. check it out here.


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ezada

Tuesdays are for Milking you Dry!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Greedy Goddesses is expanding fast! And We want all of Our loyal readers to be able to enjoy the best femdom content We can find for a full 24 hours. For this reason, Greedy Goddesses will be updating after midnight EST each day from now on. We will post Our daily blog updates between 12 and 6am each day so that you can wake up to a nice helping of sexy femdom and findom content. Aren’t you lucky?

For today’s update, Our little review slut, Denied Boy, has another clip review for Us – Mistress Ezada Sinn‘s latest clip: Milked with his head in the toilet.

Milked with his head in the toilet

The scene begins with a bound kneeling slave, with his butt facing the
camera and his head inside a toilet bowl. His balls are tied with a
rope. Then Lady Ezada Sinn appears behind him. She doesn’t waste any
time, she grabs his back and penis and starts stroking them.

From his humiliating position, his genitals are pulled backward,
between his legs. You can easily see that his balls are red and sore,
as well as his cock head. it will make it clear to you that this
slave was edged several times and his balls were beaten also.

Read the rest of the review and see some more hot pics form the clip in the official review by Denied Boy!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10_Fotor

Clip Review: Milked with his head in the toilet

Review by Denied Boy

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ezada

The scene begins with a bound kneeling slave, with his butt facing the
camera and his head inside a toilet bowl. His balls are tied with a
rope. Then Lady Ezada Sinn appears behind him. She doesn’t waste any
time, she grabs his back and penis and starts stroking them.

From his humiliating position, his genitals are pulled backward,
between his legs. You can easily see that his balls are red and sore,
as well as his cock head. it will make it clear to you that this
slave was edged several times and his balls were beaten also.

Lady Ezada has skilled hands. When She strokes his cock, you feel
that he will cum in any minute. She gives him a slap on his balls
and few slaps on his cock too. She keeps stroking him backwards and
slapping his cock. Then she stands up, and reaches for the toilet and
flashes the water on his head. By holding his neck, she makes sure
his head is in the right place. Then She gets back to jerking him off
which looks more like milking a cow.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10_Fotor

Then she sits on his back, pushing his head deep down to the toilet and
grabbing his cock from behind. She strokes it faster while smiling to
the camera. This would be the cruelest most sadist smile ever. She
stops jerking and starts giving several steady slaps to his balls and
cheeks. And even with his head in the toilet, you can hear him clearly
crying out from the pain. With each whack to his tender testicles.

You can see how happy Lady Ezada is when she slaps the head of his
cock. She gets back to stroking his sensitive cock, then smacking
it hardly. he groans in pain. She strokes his sore cock then suddenly
she stops and gives it a good hard slap. She tells him “Don’t cum”
He cries out in pain and frustration trying not to leak and ruin his
own orgasm, but it is happening, he can’t do anything about it. His
well beaten cock is failing him. You can see a weak line of sperm is
escaping from his cock. She asks him while beating his cock
“what I told you?”. She mocks his failure and slaps the leaking cock
even harder, then switch to his tied balls, she slaps them brutally.
The poor boy keeps leaking, his sperm fluids out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10_Fotor3

Until now he got three kinds of ruined orgasm. First one by Abandoning
his cock right on the edge, the second by Thwacking his cock during
the ejaculation and the third by Busting his balls during that too.
After all this, She shifts to Pot, Post orgasm torture, she start
rubbing the head of his cock very fast. She tortures his very
sensitive cock while he is crying out. She rubs it harder and harder,
she tells him he did the wrong thing by coming and now She will
torture him and make him cum for him for the second time.
“you will cum for your Mistress”. She knows he is still horny. He is
horny and he is in lots of pain, but there is no way out for him.
Nothing he can do, he must obey his Mistress and do whatever she
wants. And Now she is demanding him to cum for her.

She speaks in Romanian (which is super hot) and gives a countdown
for him from 10 to 1. When she reaches that magic number, she yells at
him to cum “Haide”. It took his little brain few seconds to react for
this direct order. She takes her hands off a second before he cums,
his cock fails him again. She takes her hands off in the right moment
to give him another Abandoning ruined orgasm. She looks at his sperm
dribbling out of his cock. The thick drops oozing out with frustration.
She laughs and tells him “good boy”.

2014-03-24 22_34_27

He thought it is over. She doesn’t give him any time to catch his
breath. She strokes his very sensitive and sore cock again. Her hands
were covered with his sperm she tortures his cock to break him down
even more. then she stands up, wipes her hands on his back
and flashes the toilet on his head on more time. She walks away.



Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple.

There is nothing distracts your mind from looking at this Hot Goddess
while she deals with her tied up slave.

The clip was shot in a steady camera. She fixes the angle one time
only to make it wider.


A Mistress has her slave tied down to the toilet ready for her abuse.
It’s part 3 of the full scene (Deepthroated, then fucked and ruined with
his head in the toilet FULL UNCUT) The lights are excellent.
The voice is crystal clear.



Milked with his head in the toilet

After fucking My slave both in the mouth and in the ass with My big
red strap-on (in the clips Slave’s head belongs in the toilet and Fucked
with his head in the toilet), I now want to milk him in this very same
position, that seems so appropriate for him. I know he loves being My
whore, I can see that from how hard his cock is when I pull it back
between his legs. But it seems I quite underestimated how much he
loves it, because, even with all the slaps received on his cock and
balls, he still reached the orgasm much earlier than I wanted.
Seeing he is on the edge of orgasm, I stopped rubbing his cock and
started slapping it, forbidding him to cum. Still, he was so aroused
that he couldn’t stop, and squirted a load of cum around. I’m not
pleased by the fact that he came when I forbade him to, so now I am
going to force another orgasm, even though I see he is in great
discomfort when I rub his sensitive prick. That means I will rub it even
harder, in the most sensitive areas, to teach him how to disobey Me
next time. And I will keep rubbing until he gives Me another load of
cum, in another ruined orgasm. When I am pleased, I flush the toilet
on his head and leave him there, where he belongs.

GIF milking the slave with his head in the toilet

Video quality: HD 1280*720.
Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 112 MB
Format: MP4
Category: HANDJOBS
Added: 1/11/14 2:50pm

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sarah Blake Ball Busting Ballbusting dildo

Clip Review: Short But Not So Sweet Ball Slapping

Review by: Denied Boy

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sarah Blake Ball Busting Ballbusting dildo

It’s a short clip, but very effective. At the beginning you can see Goddess
Sarah Blake smiling for you wearing sexy outfit that show her killer
cleavage. from the first second you feel you are getting weak for her.
While she is holding a dildo She asks you with her soft sexy voice
“ do you know what this is?”. She points at it and says
“ this is your balls” she gives you few seconds to understand, then says
firmly “get yours out….NOW” then she let out a tiny cute giggle for you.

“I am going to instruct you on hurting yourself to amuse me” So
simple so direct. there is nothing you can do or think about it. She got
you in the right place to follow her orders.

She takes her time talking to you about what she wants, how she wants
it and why.
What: she wants you to hurt yourself for her.
How: By slapping your balls.
Why: because it’s satisfying from her sadistic point of view.
Then she slaps the plastic balls, and orders you to do the same.
Then she talks about more details with you. “I want you to slap yourself
in a medium speed. I don’t want it to be so hard, that makes your balls
numb. It doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t hurt completely”

So, She clears everything for you. the action, the tool, the purpose and
even the speed. Then she makes you slap your balls more and more.
While she talks to you about a slave who wants her to slap his balls
then give him a massage and fuck him. The she introduces
you to her definition for a “handjob” while you smacking your balls.

Analyzation for the mechanics of the clip.

Techniques that used to film the clip are so simple. It’s focused on
her and what she wants from you. Your eyes only see her, her beauty
and the dildo. The clip was shot in pov style with a steady camera.

Monologue: Sarah is mind-blowing with words. She really knows how to
use them for her benefits.

Goddess Sarah wants you to slap your balls for her pleasure.

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
- Maybe you should come over and i should smack your balls for you.



Short But Not So Sweet Ball Slapping

I know the lighter taps can be even worse than a punch or kick so today
you are going to slap your balls for me. I want to see the tears of pain
in your eyes while you hurt yourself. I want to hear you whimper.

Price: $3.99 USD
Length: 3 minutes
Size: 30 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 11/24/10 12:50pm

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara cbt

Thursday! Feeling lonely yet freak-os?

Here are some recent happenings in the Domme-o-Verse.  Read and enjoy.

Back From My Trip – Let the Humiliation Begin!

By Mistress Kiara

So as many of you know, your Princess loves going to conventions. This past weekend, there was a convention in Alma, which is only a couple hours from My house, so I decided to take a bunch of your money and go there lol! It was a lot of fun and I got a TON of souvenirs on your dime as well! However, the weather was SO SHITTY that I had to stay in the hotel (using MORE of your money lol) for the rest of the week. But I’m finally back, and I had a bunch of GREAT sessions before I left, so I figured I’d give these freaks their few minutes of ‘fame’ by posting the pics here lol.

Nasty Brutal Humiliation Mistress Kaira CBT

Click to continue reading…


All You Need Is To Be U$ed By Princess Mindy

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Mindy

Hi wallet,

I dont need any introduction but, I do love a good intro. So for those of you who may not know…

Im Princess Mindy… a greedy true to the meaning, self serving Brat! Im only interested in my fun, cash, worship, etc! I come first and I know you love little devils just like me! haha Thats good though, I want you to like it because Im good at it… using you, getting you hooked, making you want to go deeper and do it!

Click to continue reading…


Chastity Themed Valentines Day 2014

By Goddess Kya

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter I’ll briefly explain at some point in this post why you boys aren’t seeing any new Valentines Day femdom videos this year, but I do have very specific instructions on how you should spend the day.

I know you love me, that's why you're going to spend Valentines Day with your horny cock locked up!

I know you love me, that’s why you’re going to spend Valentines Day with your horny cock locked up!

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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa cbt ballbusting bondage

Clip Review: Torture Time 4: Cock Bondage Round 1

Review by: Denied Boy
Before you begin you have to get these things ready:
  1. Long rope: 10 feet, non-stretchy.
  2. Bucket
  3. Timer
  4. Hair scissors
  5. Collection of her video clips
This clip is “Masochists rejoice” just like she wrote in the description. This is the 4th clip of torture time series.
It is a new idea to use the rope as chastity cage not just a CBT tool. I really enjoyed it. It delivers exactly what she promised “turn your bitch dick into a piece of tied up meat for me“.
Of course, she is hot and sexy, I don’t have to say anything in this area. The directions are VERY clear, I assure to you all boys, you will never get confused about any step. Personally, I like to follow each and every single step, if you are like me, you will love this clip.
First she nicely tells you that you need to get one item; clothes line. She tells you she wants your dick to be tied up like there is no escaping. It’s basically a chastity device that you will create out of this rope. She grabs a dildo to demonstrate. She takes her time, there is no rush. You will get the feeling that she wants you to learn something. So she goes easy on you, step by step. She explains every single detail about this tie. It’s incredible how good she is at “teaching” others.
Then she asks you to tie the end of the rope to your table and start your timer. She suggests that you have a bucket to piss in it because you are going to stay like this as long as you can. You have to spend this time by watching more of her clips, worshiping her. When your penis turns to purple and you feel that you cannot take it anymore, you can take it off.

Note on the clip

 This session is not a ten minutes CBT session. Goddess Kyaa plans to have you in pain for hours.

Clip info

Masochists rejoice! I have a new Torture Time video for you. Now you can follow my specific instructions and turn your bitch dick into a piece of tied up meat for me.
For this CBT session you will need: 1 long length of clothes line or cotton, non-stretchy rope. At least 10 feet.
Then buy the video and watch as I show you exactly how to bind your cock and balls in a cruel rope cage. I’ll demonstrate on a dildo with a length of clothes line to make sure you know what to do and how to do it. Bonus points for those who take photos and send them in so I can see how well they did tying up their pathetic penis.
(1920x1080p HD)
Contains: CBT, bondage, BDSM, punishment, torment, torture, cock torture, ball bondage, cock bondage, rope, instructions, cbt instructions, humiliation, pain, femdom, female domination, domination
Category CBT
Media Format WMV
File size 639 MB
Media Playtime 10:13
Price: 6:94 $
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa cbt ballbusting

Clip Review: Torture Time 3 – Percussion Play

Review by: Denied Boy

Before you begin you have to get these things ready:
  • Leather crop (or wooden or plastic spatula)
  • Tape

The Review

At the beginning Goddess Kyaa orders you to take the position for this session by laying down on your back on the floor with your legs spread wide. Then get your knees up and spread them wide too. Then you have to tape your penis shaft to your belly to clear the way to work on your balls easily.
She tells you where to aim exactly. You will find the seam between your balls. You will smack it hard with your tool. She instructs you to smack it harder and faster. She tells you to smack it for five seconds as hard as you can, and as fast as you can. You will get a nice percussion of it. Then take a deep breath and get back to the second wave of smacking. Then she leans down to you with her beautiful face and tells you how much she loves that sound of your pain, of your ball sack getting smacked like this. “Do you hear me loser, I want you to smack those balls, nice and hard. Bust them, do you hear me?”
That will give you few seconds to catch your breath, then the 3rd wave will begin. She orders you to flip the tool that you are using and hit yourself with its handle. You should be crying right now, because the handle is much stronger and it inflicts great pain. Then she will get you back to your regular smacking for another five seconds. Then she orders you to hit yourself 3 times with the handle. She gives you few seconds to take a deep breath, because you will need it. Then back to handle again for 3 more smacks. Then she does it again. At this time, you have to say “Thank you for smashing my balls Goddess Kyaa” while she shakes her ass in front of you and flips you off. Then the handle, take a deep breath then the handle again. She asks you to watch this video again a few times. So, you have to re-do all that again, because the session is about to end.
When it is time to finish you off, she orders you to keep smacking your balls with the handle as she teases you. You can’t stop for almost a minute of unbelievable pain. She teases you, flips you off and laughs at your tears. Goddess Kyaa knows that you are crying in pain. Now her job is done.

Note on the clip

This session has about 12 stages or waves. Each one has its own rule for duration and number of smacks. Sometimes you don’t know how many smacks you will get, you have to keep smacking as hard and as fast as you can until the time is up. Be prepared that these 12 waves could be doubled or tripled because at the 11th wave, she tells you to do it all over again.

The waves in details 

First it’s the intro where she makes you test the crop. 2nd wave (5 seconds), 3rd wave (5s), 4th wave (5s). 5th wave 11 smacks by handle, 6th wave (5s), 7th wave 3 smacks by handle, 8th wave 3 smacks by handle, 9th wave 3 smacks by handle, 10th wave 3 smacks by handle, 11th wave 3 smacks by handle, 12th wave smacks by handle (50s) .

Analyzation for the mechanics of the clip.

Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple. Setting was Goddess Kyaa’s elegant dungeon aka studio. In the background there is a big bookcase with lots kinky stuff; dildos in different sizes and high heels. These elements helped to create a certain tone. They also help you to focus on Goddess Kyaa alone. There is no distraction at all. The clip was shot in pov style with fixed angles, so you get the feeling of being kneeled in front of her. It’s a smart technique because when she goes backward you can see all her body, when she gets in the middle you can get a clearer look at her and when she leans down to talk to you, you feel it more personal than ever.
Monologue: Goddess Kyaa is very good with words! She knows how to choose them carefully, and how to say them effectively.
A dominatrix wants you to beat your balls for her. She walks you through detailed steps how to do it.
Goddess Kyaa is very smart. She is also a sadistic woman. You will be fooled by her beautiful smile and charming eyes, then all these are going to be weapons to destroy you when you hear her laugh at your pain.
The plot is inventive. Using percussion in ball busting is really a smart idea. She will get you through her stages, and at some point she will have you do it all over again then you will be shocked at the end.
The clip goes smoothly without any cutting at all. It was taken at one shoot. Lighting was perfect. It shows a clear view.
Costume design
Her clothes are simple and sexy.

Clip info

The third installment of my highly detailed physical abuse instruction series, Torture Time! In this seductive and brutal video I walk you through an extensive cock and ball beating session. I will mostly focus on your little loser sack, making sure you turn that thing black and blue for me. I will first tell you what item(s) you will need to complete the assignment and then give you step by step instructions on how I want you to torture yourself for my pleasure.
Abuse yourself for me now! I love knowing that you are hurting in my honor. Photograph or record yourself beating your balls and email me proof of your obedience to really show you are desperate to please me. Remember, your pain is my pleasure. Now beat yourself, bitch!
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In this video you will find elements of the following: CBT, abuse, torture, percussion, beating, whipping, caning, ball busting, ball beating, female domination, domination, humiliation, laughter, tease & denial, ass worship, riding crop, ball slapping, Goddess worship
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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Alexandra Snow

Clip Review: Bust your Nuts!

Review by: Denied Boy

Last night, before bed, while I was working on this article about Ballbusting, I got the urge to bust mine. I watched lots of clips and I think I wanted to end my day with a real demonstration.

I picked up this great clip for one of the greatest Dommes ever Alexandra Snow “Bust your nuts”. What a perfect tittle !

At the beginning She talked for 2 minutes about her bad day, and that she needs a stress ball.  This kind of introduction gives your brain a clear massage: You will face pain here, not pleasure at all, you will get beaten for her pleasure. This helped to prepare myself for the next step.

During the clip, she also talked about the difference between CBT & Ballbusting, and how CBT divides pain between the cock & balls, on the other hand, BB is pure focused on these little guys.

First she made me slap my balls hard, with a smart position that allowed my hand to move freely. Then I got to another step, by placing a hard cover book under my balls. I thought it doesn’t matter, but I regret that while slapping them against that book, the slap became harder and more painful.

Then I got into another step, by tying my balls to a door and try to kiss her ass. It caused so much pain, because i was pulling myself and starching my balls hard. At this moment I felt like I wanted to stop. I told myself “isn’t this enough? I am in real pain”

At the end, she told me to untie the door and keep my balls tied up. Then She said “Now you’re gonna bust ‘em for me“!! I was like “WHAT!” what was I doing all this time?

She gave me a free choice between my fist and any other implement like a spoon, shoe, ect. But at that point I couldn’t think, I chose my fist.

I busted my balls for her so good, I am still sore.


Bust Your Nuts

My house has been invaded by repairmen for the last several weeks, which had made it very difficult to work in my home office. Right now, they are banging away downstairs and their incessant hammering is pissing me off. So it’s your job to make me feel better by torturing your balls for my amusement. You’re going to be stretching, crushing, and slapping them all for ME… and maybe I’ll even reward you with some ass worship time.
Time to abuse those balls, boys!
Video includes: female domination, cbt instruction, ball busting, cock control, humiliation, ass worship
Video is HD 1280×720 WMV.
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financial domination findom femdom Mistress Lindsey Leigh CBT Ballbusting


Review by: Denied Boy
With a big sweet charming smile on her face, Goddess Lindsey Leigh begins by greeting what she calls “cock destroying slaves”. From the beginning you will know what’s going on. It’s a cute ball busting instruction. She tells you in her sweet way, in a very sweet voice how she appreciates your desire to be in agony for her. And she opens up for you and tells you how sexy it is. She says “I think there is nothing sexier than a guy who can take a good ball busting”. She tells you it’s one of her favorite fetishes. She says “Watching a man fall to the floor so weak, so pathetic, so helpless it’s definitely one of the hottest most arousing things a man can do for me”.
But the serious question is: Can you handle her? Can you handle being busted by Goddess Lindsey Leigh? Before she accepts you in her training program you have to pass this “simple” exercise. She asks you to get only three items that can be found easily around the house. A weight, a dictionary and a spatula. Then she tells you if you don’t have any of these things, you get the closest things to what she described. This note is very important to me, it shows me that she cares about details and following steps. This instruction is for serious submissive who wants to obey not for silly wankers.
Things you need to have before begin:
  1. Weight (5-10 pounds)
  2. Dictionary or encyclopedia (1000 pages)
  3. Spatula
  4. Table (or any hard surface)
This session has four stages of pain. At some point of the pain, she asks you to evaluate your ability to take more pain, so if you can’t you have to stop and watch the clip again every day until you can.
First Stage: Ball Slapping
She will begin will the spatula as in all of her sessions with ball slapping. This will give you a sense of what does it mean to have a session with her. Then she demonstrates exactly how you should use it. With ten “warm up” slaps, you will begin. She slaps her thigh ten times to show you exact how strong you will hit these balls. So, you do it perfectly. Then She orders you to go harder with the spatula. This time she shows you the strength by clapping her hands ten times.
Second Stage: Free Fall – book
She tells you to lay your balls out. Lay them on a table. She demonstrates the position perfectly. Then you have to pick up your big book up to your chest level. Then at her sign you will let it drop right on your balls when she tells you “release”.
Then you have to take the book again and lift it up to your head level. Then drop it on your balls on her sign again.
At this point your pain will increase and you will cry out. That’s why you will hear her saying “I wish that I can hear you screaming in agony right now”. She knows exactly where you are. As she tells you that by now you should have light bruising on your balls.  She adds before she moves on to the next stage “But that is not enough for me” . She then says the most amazing line in female domination, if you think about it, you will know how cruel she is. Make no mistake she is a real Dominatrix. She says “I leave people limping. I leave people with popped balls, I leave people with destroyed penises. They couldn’t even make a baby if they want to.”
Third Stage: Free Fall – weight
You will get the weight, pick it up to your chest level, spread your balls right across the table. With a sweet smile she tells you “drop it”. You can see how exciting she is. She releases a sexy soft moan saying  “I need just to envision the sound of hundreds of men who are watching this right when the weight drops, just the ohhh” The she releases a mind blowing loud moan. It could be you crying out from the pain. She looks into your eyes and says in her sexy brain washing voice “I love it”. With her charming smile, she tells you to pick up the weight again. This time you will lift it above your head level. at this point [ right at the minute 7:22] she levels with you, she tells you that you can keep taking more but if you can’t taking more [because what’s next is even more painful] you can just do this video every single day until you can.
Now, if you feel you will continue and take more pain, you should lift the weight above your head level. She tells you in a very cute girlish way “make sure it falls right on the balls” . When you hear the magic word “Drop!” a pain storm will hit your nerve system. I assure you, you will cry like a child, you will scream like a crazy and you will hear her telling you “that’s sexy”. you will be exactly like she describes “wheezing in pain” !
Stage Four: Paunching Bag
With your balls laid out across the table, “extra smashed”. She orders you to take your fist and start punching your own balls. make no mistake she is not asking you for “pussy punches” . you have to hit them hard, as hard as you can ten times. Now you are done. Or she is done with you for today.
Recovery tip : ice your balls and relax. 
This exercise should be done daily, every single day for a whole week. that means you will have seven ball busting sessions. Until it doesn’t hurt anymore! When you reach that point, you will be allowed to send an email to her offering yourself to her, and letting her know that you are ready to be destroyed by her.
Analyzation for the mechanics of the clip
Techniques used to film the clip are very simple. Setting was in Goddess Lindsey’s bedroom. In the background there is nothing to take your attention away. It helped to create a certain tone. It helps you focus on Goddess Lindsey, there is no distraction at all. It was shot in POV style with tripod so the imagine is steady and centered. You get the feeling of being in front of her personally listening to her orders. The distance between you is very good, you see her face, her smile so clearly.
Monologue: She will blow your mind with her words.
A dominatrix wants to make sure you are ready to be in a ball busting session with her in real time, so she gives you this exorcise to train your balls. She gives you detailed steps how she wants you to do.
She is beautiful and she is a sadistic. You will be fooled by her angel face, her model smile and her soft voice. Then she will destroy you and leave crying in pain. Plot is inventive. It’s very good idea to start the video as a training for the real session. Also she gets you in the pain step by step, with four kinds of stages. Each stage will need a tool from you, and each one has two levels, mild and extreme. At some point, it’s possible that you will not be able to take that much of pain, she got that covered for you too. At the end of the video, she gives you instruction for contacting her which makes it even more realistic.
The clip was smooth without any cutting at all. it was taken at one shoot. Lighting was perfect. It shows a clear view. The voice was very clear also.
Costume design
Her clothes are so sexy. You will enjoy watching her mind blowing cleavage and her breath taking legs.
Beautiful Quotes from the clip:
“It’s so hot to me to hear a man just wheeze, whine, and scream from the pain”
She wants to make sure that if you want to offer yourself to her, you can take a real beating. “Because when I have at you, it’s gonna be a lot more than five to ten pounds of pressure on your balls.”
  • She talks about alternatives if you couldn’t find the things she asked for. This is a very good point. It shows that she cares about you doing it and following the orders.
  • Her demonstration is sexy and great, it’s way more than that. It’s perfect.
  • Lots of CBT instruction clips mix pleasure with pain. Lots of them contains jerk off instruction that ends up with a ruined orgasm. Well, Lindsey didn’t do this here. This is a pure CBT clip. There is no pleasure at all. In fact she neglects your penis.
  • She didn’t talk much about “ where your penis should be”. In her second CBT instruction clip she will be very specific about penis’s position, when you put it in for pain and when you take it away and focus only on the balls. But in this clip it’s obvious that the penis will be smashed with balls in the same time.
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You cock destroying slaves can not resist this clip. You guys love to suffer for me, be in agony for me.. its such a turn on for me. I love to see a man fall to his knees from my lethal kicks. I love to see how bruised I can leave a man. Its always great to see you crawl back for more. If you think you can last in a session with me, your probably 100% wrong. You need to train your balls to take the most severe abuse. Think you can take 10 minutes of ball abuse from the greatest goddess in the world? LOL we’ll see.. I can guarantee you will fold and give up 7 minutes in. Let the training begin.
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Length: 10 minutes
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