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sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Clip Review: Princess Sheridan Teases out Your Cum

Review by Denied Boy

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Before you watch:

If you intend to follow Her orders and work with Her, you need to get a steel pinwheel because you’re gonna need it later.

The clip starts with Princess Sheridan holding a dildo in Her hands. Her cleavage will catch your attention in seconds. She is stroking the dildo and asks you “Do you like this” ?

Her soft hand is moving up and down. She smiles to you and says “I love the way it feels! It feels so GOOD”. Then She asks you directly, ”You want Me to suck on it so bad, don’t you? You wanna feel it go down My throat? I bet you wanna face-fuck Me! You wanna fuck My throat, don’t you?” She asks you more and more questions. Then She opens Her mouth and barely licks the tip of that cock.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

She talks to you, She knows how horny you are right now. While playing with the cock with Her fingers She asks you, “You want blowjob, you want a handjob? You want to cum so bad?”

Then She takes the cock and slides it into her deep cleavage and tit-fucks herself for two seconds. I damn bet you will rewatch these seconds ten times!

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then She pulls up a steel pinwheel, and starts to roll it over the cock while asking you, “Do you like that?” You are so horny, but you know it’s gonna be painful to have it on your sensitive throbbing cock.

She tells you it will hurt and you will love it. She gives you this mix between pain and pleasure. And whenever you feel it’s gonna be too much, She puts a hot kiss on the tip of the cock or the pinwheel with Her soft lips. You would do anything for these soft lips. You will accept anything for these soft lips.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then with Her relaxed soft voice She tells you She is going to stroke the head of your dick. Her expert hand works on that cock in front of you at the same time.

Then She talks again about deep throat! She even pretends to gag on the cock without putting it in her mouth [don’t get greedy].

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then She gets back to the pinwheel and tells you how She is going to tease you with it. She works it over the cock and its head. And while She is torturing that cock, you can steal a good look at Her cleavage. She does it slowly. She wants it to hurt. And to make it more acceptable to you She places the head of the cock in Her mouth and keeps running that pinwheel on it. Just imagine that is your cock. You will be fucked up totally. All that pain and sensation.

Then She gets back to stroking only. She grabs the head in Her soft hand and works it good. At this moment, She presses Her breast, so the cleavage looks hot like fire! Between Her magical hand moving on that cock and Her deep cleavage you will be melting down. She knows it. She talks to you about how bad you want to cum for Her and how bad you want Her to give you full strokes not just light touches. You will be so close to cumming. She encourages you to hold it. She tells you “Don’t cum!” with a big smile on Her cute angel face.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

Then She leans down and gets closer to you. She takes the head again into her mouth. She licks it and sucks the tip of it while asking you “You want me to suck it, don’t you?” She pulls the pinwheel back again. She places the head in her mouth and presses the sharp steel device into the cock. “I’m not sucking it. I am just teasing you!”

Then She gets back to rub the head of the dick while playing with your head with her words. At this point, She notices that you got precum everywhere. Then you spurted suddenly. Her hand is away from your dick and you just cum all over the place.

sph cbt financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Sheridan

She finally says, “You wouldn’t need a blowjob, you wouldn’t need a handjob and you still came. Such a good boy. Grown up so fast right?”

Then She leaves you to clean the mess you made.

Clip Analyzation


The clip was shot in pov style. So you get the feeling that She is right in front of you.


Monologue: Princess Sheridan is great with words. She knows when to be soft and nice and when to be cruel.


Princess wants to tease the cum out of you with minimum amount of teasing!

Beautiful Quotes from the clip:

“I told you. You didn’t need a blowjob. You didn’t need a handjob.”

“I’m not sucking it. I am just teasing you!”


It’s so hot when Princess licks, sucks, and puts the dick in her mouth.

Princess shows amazing view of her cleavage in this clip.

This clip has a ruined orgasm method that is similar to “milking the monkey & Chastity orgasm”. It depends on getting the submissive male with the minimum amount of stimulation. That’s cruel and brilliant.



Clip info:

Princess Sheridan Teases out Your Cum

Have you looked at the preview for this clip? Do I really need to explain it to you here? The only cruel part about this video is that you’re over there… jerking away… while I’m over here… teasing you with a little demonstration of how it would be, how it could be, if you weren’t who you are… a mindless spunk monkey. It’s fun to tease you because it’s so easy! c4s.com

Price: $11.99 USD

Length: 11 minutes

Size: 630 MB

Format: WMV

Category: TEASE & DENIAL

Added: 4/2/14 12:40pm



Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10_Fotor

Clip Review: Milked with his head in the toilet

Review by Denied Boy

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Ezada

The scene begins with a bound kneeling slave, with his butt facing the
camera and his head inside a toilet bowl. His balls are tied with a
rope. Then Lady Ezada Sinn appears behind him. She doesn’t waste any
time, she grabs his back and penis and starts stroking them.

From his humiliating position, his genitals are pulled backward,
between his legs. You can easily see that his balls are red and sore,
as well as his cock head. it will make it clear to you that this
slave was edged several times and his balls were beaten also.

Lady Ezada has skilled hands. When She strokes his cock, you feel
that he will cum in any minute. She gives him a slap on his balls
and few slaps on his cock too. She keeps stroking him backwards and
slapping his cock. Then she stands up, and reaches for the toilet and
flashes the water on his head. By holding his neck, she makes sure
his head is in the right place. Then She gets back to jerking him off
which looks more like milking a cow.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10_Fotor

Then she sits on his back, pushing his head deep down to the toilet and
grabbing his cock from behind. She strokes it faster while smiling to
the camera. This would be the cruelest most sadist smile ever. She
stops jerking and starts giving several steady slaps to his balls and
cheeks. And even with his head in the toilet, you can hear him clearly
crying out from the pain. With each whack to his tender testicles.

You can see how happy Lady Ezada is when she slaps the head of his
cock. She gets back to stroking his sensitive cock, then smacking
it hardly. he groans in pain. She strokes his sore cock then suddenly
she stops and gives it a good hard slap. She tells him “Don’t cum”
He cries out in pain and frustration trying not to leak and ruin his
own orgasm, but it is happening, he can’t do anything about it. His
well beaten cock is failing him. You can see a weak line of sperm is
escaping from his cock. She asks him while beating his cock
“what I told you?”. She mocks his failure and slaps the leaking cock
even harder, then switch to his tied balls, she slaps them brutally.
The poor boy keeps leaking, his sperm fluids out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10_Fotor3

Until now he got three kinds of ruined orgasm. First one by Abandoning
his cock right on the edge, the second by Thwacking his cock during
the ejaculation and the third by Busting his balls during that too.
After all this, She shifts to Pot, Post orgasm torture, she start
rubbing the head of his cock very fast. She tortures his very
sensitive cock while he is crying out. She rubs it harder and harder,
she tells him he did the wrong thing by coming and now She will
torture him and make him cum for him for the second time.
“you will cum for your Mistress”. She knows he is still horny. He is
horny and he is in lots of pain, but there is no way out for him.
Nothing he can do, he must obey his Mistress and do whatever she
wants. And Now she is demanding him to cum for her.

She speaks in Romanian (which is super hot) and gives a countdown
for him from 10 to 1. When she reaches that magic number, she yells at
him to cum “Haide”. It took his little brain few seconds to react for
this direct order. She takes her hands off a second before he cums,
his cock fails him again. She takes her hands off in the right moment
to give him another Abandoning ruined orgasm. She looks at his sperm
dribbling out of his cock. The thick drops oozing out with frustration.
She laughs and tells him “good boy”.

2014-03-24 22_34_27

He thought it is over. She doesn’t give him any time to catch his
breath. She strokes his very sensitive and sore cock again. Her hands
were covered with his sperm she tortures his cock to break him down
even more. then she stands up, wipes her hands on his back
and flashes the toilet on his head on more time. She walks away.



Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple.

There is nothing distracts your mind from looking at this Hot Goddess
while she deals with her tied up slave.

The clip was shot in a steady camera. She fixes the angle one time
only to make it wider.


A Mistress has her slave tied down to the toilet ready for her abuse.
It’s part 3 of the full scene (Deepthroated, then fucked and ruined with
his head in the toilet FULL UNCUT) The lights are excellent.
The voice is crystal clear.



Milked with his head in the toilet

After fucking My slave both in the mouth and in the ass with My big
red strap-on (in the clips Slave’s head belongs in the toilet and Fucked
with his head in the toilet), I now want to milk him in this very same
position, that seems so appropriate for him. I know he loves being My
whore, I can see that from how hard his cock is when I pull it back
between his legs. But it seems I quite underestimated how much he
loves it, because, even with all the slaps received on his cock and
balls, he still reached the orgasm much earlier than I wanted.
Seeing he is on the edge of orgasm, I stopped rubbing his cock and
started slapping it, forbidding him to cum. Still, he was so aroused
that he couldn’t stop, and squirted a load of cum around. I’m not
pleased by the fact that he came when I forbade him to, so now I am
going to force another orgasm, even though I see he is in great
discomfort when I rub his sensitive prick. That means I will rub it even
harder, in the most sensitive areas, to teach him how to disobey Me
next time. And I will keep rubbing until he gives Me another load of
cum, in another ruined orgasm. When I am pleased, I flush the toilet
on his head and leave him there, where he belongs.

GIF milking the slave with his head in the toilet

Video quality: HD 1280*720.
Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 112 MB
Format: MP4
Category: HANDJOBS
Added: 1/11/14 2:50pm

financial domination fihttp://payprincess.com/ndom femdom Mistress Princess Jenny sissy

Greedy Goddesses Friday – Findoms, Therapy, and Contests!

First, let’s start off by welcoming Our newest cam verified Dommes – Mistress Genevieve! Be sure to visit Her website and send Her lots of welcome tributes!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Genevieve

The amazingly intelligent Doctor Sue Storm has lent Her big sexy brain to another helplessly addicted money slave in Her latest article about maintaining a balance in online domination:

Balancing Your Online Life

Rich writes with a dilemma he’s in that faces many men who are playing in the online Domination scene.  Rich writes: (this question is redacted and paraphrased for privacy purposes)

“…Dr. Sue this leads me to my question i have now, i have served my Mistress now for four years, she’s an **** Findom who has complete ownership over me, my finances, and i’m owned with blackmail. I do like serving her and being her property but i have reached a point where it’s effecting my personal life, and not financially, but physically, i can no longer perform sexually with women……..Is there any help for me Dr. Sue, a way back to at least having a healthy relationship and life?”

n a word, YES Rich you can get your life back.  I first want to give you kudos for not whining and saying it’s all the Domme’s fault.  You make it quite clear you went to her for a service and she has supplied that service.  Well done for both parties.

This situation comes in to play not only in the world of D & s but in just watching excessive porn.  Our brains are wired to enjoy routine.  That’s why it’s hard for a heroin addict to kick that habit.  Once the drug is out of the system the person is no longer addicted to the drug and what you’re left with are negative habits that have formed.  It’s the same for smoking, eating, drinking or anything else we become habituated to.  These habits are actually harder to kick than the drug itself but they can be fixed.

Read more about what Doctor Sue prescribes in Her latest article!

Princess Jenny had a hilarious humiliation session with a tiny dicked loser:

Sissy Meme

Yesterday was St. Patricks day but in the world of phone sex it seemed yesterday was Sissy Patricks day.  Sissy Kelly had his pansy Irish ass all done up in green ready to get lucky all day on Craigslist.  Did you get lucky at all this week? OMG I just got off of a Niteflirt call and this loser paid me $100 to look at his micro phallis.  He warned me that some girls have gagged and thrown up when he revealed his deformed cock. I started laughing so hard and told him if that was true that girls actually gagged then he was going to have to pay me to look at it.

Read the rest of the story in Her blog!

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess brat Mindy

Greedy Goddess Tuesday – Serve a Findom Today!

So today’s posts seem to be all about financial domination. Keep your tongue in your mouth, piggy, but feel free to bring out your wallet… First up, Brat Mistress Mindy  has some sexy tribute porn to show off:

Some of my most recent amazon prezzies have started to hit my UPS box and as you know… I lub to brag, be spoiled and show how my good little servants have been showering me with their wallets! So, heres a quick blog post with some stuff thats come in along with a few other photos!

Mindy Madison – www.MindyMadison.com

See more on Her blog!

Next is Princess Laura again with some more tribute porn and sexy shoe pics:

Here’s some photos of my sexy shoes iv gotten in the last few days! A girl can never have enough shoes…true story!!!!

Iv always got shoes on my wishlist..feed my addiction!!


First up are my favourites..Vivienne Westwood heels

More hot pics and sexy shoes at Her blog! Read now!

Princess Mandy Loves Money is living up to Her name, as always, with a sexy JOI edging game She’s got for sale today:

Five Star Free Image Hosting

Buy from Mandy Loves Money through Niteflirt.com

you sit there day after day, squirting out load after load. Doesn’t that get a lil mundane??? I guess you wouldn’t even notice since your life IS the epitome of mundane. Well tonight I’m going to shake things up a bit for you. I’m going to have both your heads spinning and begging for more. you will probably even hate Me, until the very end when I let you finally release. Yes loser, I let you cum tonight.

Read more about this clip on Her blog!

Mistress Severity has a HILARIOUS sissy gif:

Here are a couple of gifs to keep you busy until I have video

That’s it for today, keep the great content coming, Ladies! And subs, keep those tributes flowing!


financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa

What’s New at Greedy Goddesses?

As you all know, this site is a work in progress, and We’re working to progress this toward something AWESOME! We’ve tweaked the layout a bit, removing some things which took away from Our advertisers, adding some other things to help attract boys like you, and added more content to keep you coming back – dicks in one hand, wallets in the other! If you have any suggestions as to how We can make this site even better, do not hesitate to email Us at GreedyGoddesses(AT)Gmail.com—

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Lindsey cbt ballbusting

Our resident denied loser clip reviewer has another hot clip review up – Goddess Lindsey’s “Just How My Fiance Likes It“. Read his review and drool over some sexy snapshots from the clip here. Learn exactly what it’s like to be cuckolded by the sexy Goddess Lindsey! Or you can check out all of his clip reviews by checking out the Femdom Clip Reviews page here at Greedy Goddesses.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kyaa

The ever-sexy and Dominant Goddess Kyaa has done an interview with Us! See just what brings losers to their knees in Her presence in Her interview – Meet the Goddesses – Domme Kyaa. Learn why She rightfully pegs Her best feature as Her “sexy brain,” how She feels when She makes boys cry, and even gain insight into some of Her non-fetish interests. A must read for Kyaa addicts everywhere! If you’re looking for other Domme interviews, check out Our Domme Writeups page.

We had a bit of a problem with getting comments moderated, so We’ve hired a goon to help Us out when Mistress Kiara is out of town. This should prevent any long lapses in comment approval, as well as give Us a hand with keeping this site updated with fresh femdom, findom, and fetish content for you freaks. you’re welcome.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Renna Jerky Wives SPH joi CBT

Clip Review: Ball Abuse

Review by: Denied Boy

Ball Abuse

Miss Noel Knight invites you into her dungeon for a session. She starts by asking you what do you think this session is about? She bets you think you are going to cum today, but she has another plans for you. She has you naked, kneeling in front of her. She tells you right in your face “I am really in the mood to make you suffer, specifically making your balls suffer”. How could you resist or say no. She knows what she wants and she will gets it. your opinion is irrelevant.
At the first minute, exactly at second 16 she exposes her breast! yes, she actually flashes her naked boobs for you. For exactly 6 seconds, you will get to see Goddess Noel’s holy breast! Probably that’s the best beginning of a cut session ever. I swear if she let her holy breast out a little bit longer, you would cum in your pants. After this quick teasing introduction (less than a minute) she breaks it to you that you don’t get to cum saying “today isn’t about please, today is about pain”.
During the session she tells you that she doesn’t care about your pain, or your tears. Yes you will cry in this session for sure.
The session as she designed it has four stages and a mysterious surprise finishing one. Each one of these four requires
different method, and inflicts a dose of pain. But they all can be done by just your bare hand.
  • Stage one: Slap. you have to slap your balls hard until they go back and forth from the impact. By Moving your wrist you will cause pain to your balls as much as she wants.
  • Stage two: Grab, Twist & Squeeze. you have to grab your balls and twist them very hard and make them ache. you will be asked to add squeezing while twisting. This method will get the pain level so high you will feel it in your stomach.
  • Stage three: Punch. Get your fist ready for punching your own balls at her directions. you will be jumping from the pain. At this stage your balls will turn blue, or purple and they will be bruised for sure. At this point you will start crying.
  • Stage four: Flick. It sounds easy, but after punching, your balls will be very sensitive, you will be screaming with each flick of your finger.
After that you will be ordered to start stroking for her. She will make you  forget about your pain totally by flashing her holy boobs in your face again! At [7:20] to [7:33] this time for 13 seconds !! Can you believe it? And because she knows what she just did to you, your pain will keep you from exploding for her.
She walks you through sensual masturbation instructions. She will force you to stroke and get yourself to the edge by using her weapons. Her soft voice, encouraging words and her breathtaking ass. She jiggles her sexy ass cheeks in front of you. How could you resist? She asks you softly “ it feels good, doesn’t it?” believe me, stroking for Miss Noel is way better than having real sex with other women. This will last almost two minutes. It’s gonna be the most pleasurable two minutes in your life, it’s heaven. But what comes next? And how is she going to end her session with you? Buy the clip and find out yourself.

Notes on the clip

  • Sadism. Miss Noel is a true sadistic, you will see it in this clip clearly.
  • In this clip you get to see Miss Noel’s holy breast naked for whole 18 seconds! This is enough to buy this clip. And by this Miss Noel joins a movement in femdom community where dommes allow slaves to peek on their holy parts.

Analyzation for the mechanics of the clip. 

Techniques that used to film the clip are very simple. Setting was a regular room, as an elegant dungeon, and there is nothing in background except a blue wall and hanger with lots of spanking “tools”. These elements helped to create a certain tone. They give the feeling of being trapped in a dungeon to the viewer.
 Shot in pov style to get you the feeling go kneeling in front of her. The fact that she has to lean down to talk to you is remarkably smart. It is real for you.
monologue: you will be amazed how good is it. Noel just uses her words perfectly. she knows how to choose the right words in the right moment. She knows how to make you feel in a dungeon for real.
A dominatrix talks to you , asks you if you think you will cum today. She does her magic to get you erect insanely quickly so she can begin torturing your balls.
characterization: She, the dominatrix, is cruel and sadistic. you can tell from the first minute of this clip. Her beautiful eyes shows her cruelty, and her charming smile shows how sadistic she is. Her laugh, which is a very famous element of her weapons, will shake your mind up. you will be scared and seduced by her in the same time. By mastering every detail, like clothes, makeup setting, words, voice and the look in her eyes.
The plot was inventive. As a professional dominatrix she knows how to start and how to end things perfectly. It is a complete real session. From A to Z. The final was a shocking surprise.
The clip flows smoothly without any cutting at all. It was taken at one shoot. Lighting was perfect. It shows a clear view.
Costume design
Clothing choice fits perfect the style of the clip. It definitely contributes to the overall tone which is the dungeon theme. The colour is very important. It matches with the wall, and triggers in viewer’s mind the fact of “denial”. It tells you, without talking, that you are gonna end up with blue balls. In addition it shows that character has her own personality. She is not just another domme, wearing whatever (flashy leathery thing). She wears a dress, a beautiful elegant sexy dress, which doesn’t stop her of course from being a cruel dominatrix.
Clip info
Keywords: CBT Instruction, Sadism, Ball busting, Orgasm Denial, Domination, Femdom POV
I bet your dick is all hard and achy right now. No doubt looking at me in my tight dress has turned you into a horny little slut. Well, that’s too bad! I’m not in the mood to play with your cock today, boy. Instead, I’ve a mind to bust your balls. I want you on your knees offering up those fat man sacks for some pain and suffering. I’m going to turn them black and blue, so swollen that you’ll barely be able to walk by the end of our little session today. Why? Because I enjoy hurting you and you want to make me happy, right?
Video is HD 1280×720 WMV.
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 443 MB
Format: WMV
Added: 10/30/13 4:00pm
financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Bianca joi tease & denial

Clip Review: 24 Hours Of Stroking

Review by: Denied Boy

Since the description says it’s for a chronic masturbator, I thought it’s for me lol. This is a very intense assignment for submissive boys. If you are like me, you will take it seriously and try to follow every small detail of it. I assure you, you will love the results. This is gonna blow your mind away. Mistress Bianca is going take you from your boring days to an experience full of excitement. She is going to set you on fire today. She knows the secret of mixing pain & pleasure.

Take a good look

Now follow my lead

In this clip, she teases you with her sexy body, you get to see her incredible butt and her delicious cleavage. She is wearing just a top and panties. Can you resist that? After few seconds, you will love to torture yourself for her all day. Edging is different with her. She will take it to the next level.

try to resist

With her calm voice, she will tell you about yourself: “I know you’re a chronic masturbator so you’re going to enjoy the fun we’re about to have.” 
You will obey to her direct orders. “You’re going to jerk your cock over and over and over while watching this clip for 24 hours straight. However, you will not be permitted to cum until the 24th hour when your cock is red and raw and your hand is tired, blowing your load will truly be a challenge!

Buy it NOW:


Clip Info:
Category: Masturbation Instruction
Media Format: WMV

File size: 133 MB
Media Playtime: 6:03