Tuesday is here, did you tribute your Domme?

Greetings Dommes and subs, we have a new update for your reading pleasure!

The viscous and wonderful Domina Kiara has graced GG with a little glimpse into what makes her tick.

financial domination findom femdom Mistress Princess Kiara

Financial Domination & Destruction are Mistress Kiara’s Nature


Mistress Amara Noir shares the details of Her trip to SXSW…


Planning is not my forte. To recap SXSW,   I made the most of the time I had- mostly with friends, music, fun, less  sessions than I’d hope for, so thanks for those who did come through. It was last minute trip so  I at least kept my head above water and had a great time.I kept waking up around 6 am, on little sleep and just powered through the day.  I got to see my aussie bands,  Got to see some cool acts I hadn’t heard of before- I think that’s the point no,? Rather than wait 4 hrs in line for an act you already like.

Decided to take a side trip to Houston. Saw a few of you- thanks! And had a lot of flakes.  My last night in Austin, I met an interesting guy, who happened to also be a vegan and pretty funny.  Coincidentally, he was headed to Houston the same day- so that was nice to spend my free time with some one I could relate to on many levels.

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Goddess Genevieve has started up Her new Kinkbomb studio…


Minions! Pets! Puppets! subs and slaves of the kinkville universe..Prepare yourselves for the invasion of GODDESS GENEVIEVE’S KINKBOMB STUDIO!!! Now launched….New and improved & so sizzling it will sure to get your pants much, much tighter!

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Mistress Severity has been having fun with some of Her slaves…


Hello minions,

Here’s an update on some of the slaves I’ve been playing with lately. Of course you all know slutty chunk, he is back by popular demand showing once again how a slut should dress. On this occasion he is dressed for the beach.
That’s it for today, Stay Frosty.

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